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Infinity: Endsong Expansion and Pre-order Bonuses Announced, Marking a Major Shift in the Infinity Universe

Infinity: Endsong Expansion and Pre-order Bonuses Announced, Marking a Major Shift in the Infinity Universe

Corvus Belli has announced the Endsong expansion for Infinity on their official website, marking an era-defining event in the universe of the renowned wargame. This latest expansion, focused on the lore and world-building aspects, sees the fall of Acheron and Cerberus and the rise of the triumphant EI, concluding a chapter in the history of the Infinity Universe and ringing the death knell for the Human Sphere as it’s known.

“Infinity: Endsong” concentrates on the Bakunin mothership and the Nomad Observance, the Haqqislamist Hassassins, and ALEPH’s Steel Phalanx. Furthermore, it narrates the story of reaction groups and reinforcements, and associated troopers of each faction, marking the release of the new Reinforcements rules for this wargame. The expansion also comes with three narrative scenarios which can influence the fate of Concilium, as well as four painting tutorials for the game’s key troopers.

Players are encouraged to take charge of their elite force and venture into the most perilous combat zones of the Human Sphere. The pre-order period for “Infinity: Endsong” will run from July 17th to August 7th, with an exclusive miniature of an EXO, a new reinforcement trooper for the fearsome Combined Army, offered as a bonus.

Also announced was the CASKUDA vs MAXIMUS PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE PACK. This set includes two miniatures representing Caskudas, formidable insect-like creatures from Acontecimento, and Maximus, the greatest star of Aristeia! and a formidable member of ALEPH’s Posthumans. The miniatures come with two exclusive scenic bases and can be used to expand ALEPH, PanOceania, and Combined Army collections. It’s important to note that in the future, these miniatures will be sold separately without the exclusive bases and at a higher price.

In addition to the pre-order bonus, the expansion also includes a free EXO, EXRAH EXECUTIVE OFFICERS PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE EDITION miniature. This cunning and treacherous character epitomizes the corporate ruthlessness and victory-seeking nature of the Exrah.

Another limited-time offer is the ILLUMINATRIX OF THE OBSERVANCE EVENT EXCLUSIVE EDITION, a remarkable miniature from the Nomad faction. The Illuminatrixes are expert neurochemists who partake in top-secret rituals to stimulate the growth of new neural connections, allowing—or simulating—contact with divinity.

Infinity also announced an ENDSONG BUNDLE that includes all the Infinity: Endsong products with the EXO miniature as a gift, the exclusive Caskuda vs Maximus box, and the Illuminatrix of the Observance miniature for free, providing savings of up to €19.95.