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Games Workshop Updating Miniature of the Month Program

Games Workshop Updating Miniature of the Month Program

Every month, Games Workshop releases a miniature to their Games Workshop stores that players can go and collect. Well, that program is getting a bit of an update, now having the minis come from one of the releases coming that month.

From the article:

The long-running Miniature of the Month promotion gets visitors to Warhammer stores a different free miniature each and every month. So far, these free miniatures have always come from existing kits – but there’s a big change coming.

That’s right – instead of a model from an existing kit, people who make their way into their local store at the start of every month* will earn themselves a sweet model taken from that month’s biggest release. Just walk into your nearest Warhammer and ask staff how to claim yours! 

Collecting and painting these models is a fantastic project in its own right – and it also gives you the chance to try out the month’s big release before you commit to an entire squad, a big box, or a whole army!

So with Warcry: Heart of Ghur coming to pre-order this weekend, August’s miniature is a raggedy fighter from the Rotmire Creed, whom you can see in all his festering glory right here.