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Games Workshop Previews New Age of Sigmar Rules

Games Workshop Previews New Age of Sigmar Rules

The new edition of Age of Sigmar is getting closer to hitting your tabletops. But what are all these changes that are supposedly coming? In this article, we get a little bit of a look as GW begins their deep dive into the changes coming to the game.

From the article:

Yesterday, we talked about the upcoming Era of the Beast in the first instalment of a daily series of articles exploring Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s new edition. Today we’re taking a more pragmatic dive into what you have to look forward to with the updated ruleset.

The core rules have been rewritten from scratch to create the most concise and elegantly explained ruleset ever. Great care was taken to retain the feel of the game while adding clarity and making it easier for new players to pick up. Veteran gamers will recognise everything they love about Warhammer Age of Sigmar – but it’s been broken down, analysed, updated, and reassembled in a ground-breaking new layout.