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Games Workshop Announces New Horus Heresy Character: Endryd Haar

Games Workshop Announces New Horus Heresy Character: Endryd Haar

Games Workshop has unveiled a new addition to its Horus Heresy range, introducing a character miniature for Endryd Haar, a notable figure in the Battle for Beta-Garmon. This announcement, part of their Heresy Thursday series, provides enthusiasts with a glimpse into the backstory and capabilities of this intriguing character from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Endryd Haar, a member of the XII Legion known as the World Eaters, is presented as a warrior of exceptional loyalty and strength. Despite being absent during crucial moments of his legion’s history, including their reunion with their Primarch and subsequent fall to chaos, Haar’s fidelity to the Imperium remains unshaken. His return is marked by a discovery of betrayal by his legion, who have sided with the Warmaster Horus against the Emperor.

Responding to this betrayal, Haar forms the Fangs of the Emperor, a Blackshield warband that focuses on revenge against the traitors. This group, composed of disaffected Space Marines, adopts unconventional tactics, including disguising themselves as traitors to infiltrate enemy lines.

The new Forge World resin miniature depicts Haar in battle-damaged MKV ‘Heresy’ armor, highlighting the scarcity of resources available to a Blackshield warband. The figure is detailed with an ancient archaeotech pistol and a Terrawatt-pattern power fist, capable of delivering strikes of immense power. The miniature retains a vestige of his legion’s past, with the World Eaters’ emblem still visible on his iron halo, albeit most legion iconography has been removed.

Scheduled for release later in the year, the miniature will be complemented by rules featured in the forthcoming Battle for Beta-Garmon campaign book. This addition not only expands the Horus Heresy series but also enriches the narrative of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, providing players and collectors with a new character steeped in loyalty and vengeance.