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Friday Snippets

Friday! Friday! Friday!
It's Friday... and while I wouldn't say "I'm in love," I'm at least happy that it's Friday.

Hopefully you've got some gaming planned for the weekend. Some of you will be gaming at Adepticon. Those are the lucky ones. Some of you will be forced through a fine mesh screen for your gaming. Those are the luckiest ones of all.

We've brought together another set of bite-sized stories for you to nosh on while you prepare for whatever you might be doing this weekend.

In this installment we've got: Bilbo Nesta Marley and The Macaroons - An Adventure from a time before Blackpowder, New scenery pieces preview from Multiverse Gaming, New Walking Egyptian Girl from Brother Vinni, Warsaw Rising Up 1945-1980 Up on (it's a Polish crowd-funding site), Khurasan previews 15mm Peshmerga fighters, New Debris Field and Asteroid Tokens from CorSec Engineering, Last call for Amazons and Automatons from Crocodile Games, New Releases available from WarGamma, The Fiver with Swarm of Dice LLC on Designing Loot & Recruit, New Tank Preview from Mad Robot Miniatures, and Tabletop Adapters Kickstarter running now.

Bilbo Nesta Marley and The Macaroons - An Adventure from a time before Blackpowder


In this Saints Day exclusive scenario we get a glimpse at the origins of some of the legendary characters from Danny O'Hara's piratical take on Flintloque, Dreadloque, as the Jamcakey born halfling Bilbo Nesta Marley takes his first steps of rebellion under the leadership of Drogo Dekker.

New scenery pieces preview from Multiverse Gaming

Scenery Preview

Here's the first look at the prototype of our Dark City 30 office building. With two pairs of opening doors, accessible interiors, windows overlooking each side of the building, total height of 140.9mm and a footprint of 260x180mm this one is a beast to play on!

It is also a great example of what we aim to achieve with the Dark City 30 range - choosing complex 3D shapes and architectural features that actually increase the playability (like the wall supports here, which are wide enough to provide cover for 28-35mm miniatures) over etched detailing.

Mind you that this is a prototype piece - production version will have slightly different door detailing and some stronger joints on the exterior supports.

New Walking Egyptian Girl from Brother Vinni
Note: NSFW model through the link.

Brother Vinni

Egyptian Girl walking, 28 mm female fantasy wargame miniatures.
This 28 mm miniature depicts curvy semi-naked eguptian woman.

28 mm. Resin casting.
Miniature produced by Brother Vinni's studio.

Warsaw Rising Up 1945-1980 Up on


"Odbudowa Warszawy 1945-1980" ("Warsaw Rising Up 1945-1980") is a city-building board game for 3-5 players, where participants take the roles of Polish urban planners, architects, engineers and builders – members of design and building studios functioning within the Bureau for the Rebuilding of the Capital. They face the challenges of restoring Warsaw destroyed during World War 2, bringing back the city’s prestige and importance in the fields of administration, culture and industry.

The game covers the period of thirty years, so in subsequent stages many various tasks appear. They are related to political doctrines, tendencies in architecture as well as the general economical and developmental situation in Poland in the given period. But the most important feature of the game is that each time the players are able to rebuild Warsaw in a different way from this known from history. They decide whether the historical rebuilding plan will be realized and where – if at all – the Palace of Culture and Science will stand. The players also have an access to the plans that were never realized, both from the Six-Year Plan and later urban development concepts.

Khurasan previews 15mm Peshmerga fighters

We are very pleased to give you a first look at our 15mm Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, the soldiers of Iraqi Kurdistan. These are the vanguard of our upcoming Modern Middle Eastern range.

There are two sets that will be released in a day or so (as soon as I can find them!): Peshmerga with Western rifles, and Peshmerga with platoon or company weapons (DshK, Malyutka, and mortar).

Models painted by Roy Duffy.

For more on the range and our plans, check out our Facebook page.

New Debris Field and Asteroid Tokens from CorSec Engineering

CorSec Engineering has released replacement tokens for the X-wing Debris Fields and Asteroids. These new tokens come in 3 different fluorescent acrylic colors. They are reversible as the etching can be seen from both sides to allow for all the same options available with the cardboard tokens.

Etched Asteroid Tokens - $14.99

Etched Debris Field Tokens - $16.99

Last call for Amazons and Automatons from Crocodile Games

Crocodile Games has been busy sending out the last of the Amazons and Automatons Kickstarter rewards for the last few weeks. We are just finishing the last of the 'Late Backer' rewards, and we'll be closing the late PayPal pledging for both of these waves at the end of this week.

If you want to add some extra miniatures, or if you are not a backer and want to get a set, now is the last chance until their retail release (sometime next year). PayPal pledging for these will close after Sunday, 22nd March.

New Releases available from WarGamma

Here are my latest new products... thanks for looking!

The Fiver with Swarm of Dice LLC on Designing Loot & Recruit


Hi! We’re Swarm of Dice LLC, an independent board game developer and publisher founded by two brothers, Justin and Derek Lynch. Shortly after starting out, Justin’s wife, Stephanie, decided to join in on the craziness (and to help keep everything organized). Even though we are a small team, we have a diverse skill set. Justin worked at an indie mobile game studio for three years, Derek is working towards a business degree, and Stephanie does photography and graphic design work.

New Tank Preview from Mad Robot Miniatures

Mad Robot

Coming soon...

Tabletop Adapters Kickstarter Running Now

adaptors 2

Many wargamers have miniatures on 25 mm bases. Sometimes you need to increase the size of their base, to match the visual of your army or to comply with rules. This is where we help. The adapter allows you to solve a typical problem, where 25 mm miniatures need a 32 mm base.