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Friday Snippets

The week is coming to an end. What do you have planned for your weekend?
I've got some new review articles I'll be working on. It's been really exciting playing some of these new games.

Anyway, there's been a bunch of bite-sized stories coming across my desk, so it's time for another Snippets.

This time around we have: A new preview for Sector Commander, Cure/Heal Dice on Kickstarter, a new Predette from Predastore, Clan Kitsune preview fluff from Ninja Division, New Tokens Available from Advanced Deployment, Bloom Role-Playing Game Character Sheets Now Available, LaserCutCard Reduces Price on Statis Tomb Terrain, New Bits Packs at Alternative Armies, How To Serve Man coming to Kickstarter, and Skirmisher Publishing releases 100 Oddities for a Thieves' Guild.

Grenzer Games posts Sector Commander rules page preview

rulebook preview

A rule book excerpt about the unit counters and details they will have.

Cure/Heal Dice up on Kickstarter


When I cast a healing spell or drink a healing potion I want my roll to COUNT!
A "1" is empty, slowly filling up to a full "8".
Not just for healers! EVERYONE drinks potions.
Why not get 3 sets so that you can give out a set as a gift.
Friendship can save your life.
Maybe these dice can too.
Dice will be ivory with red paint fill.
Dice are laser-etched and high quality.

Longbow-Predette released by Predastore

First model release this year, it is Longbow-Predette sculpted by David Ayral, who catch very well the idea of a Predette hunting on her nativ frozen planet Kuhl-Hunter.
Limited run of 300 piece wold wide, casting in resine, which need to be build and paint by yourself.

Ninja All-Stars Clan Kitsune Fluff Preview


As the spine of the mountains gives way to the eastern lands, dark and mysterious forests cover the great northwest. Wet, damp, and mossy, the lush ferns and spongy ground are seldom travelled except in times of the greatest need. There are many superstitions about the secretive denizens of this verdant expanse. Mythical creatures are said to walk freely here, the kami, fickle and quick to anger, range far and wide, sometimes luring unwary travelers into the forests depths, to what ends, no one knows. Under the shadowy and damp canopy many magical and natural herbs are grown and traded by the few people who live in small villages along the safe paths through the woodland realm. These ingredients make the most powerful of healing agents and the most deadly of poisons. These are the lands of the Kitsune clan.

New Tokens for Malifaux from Advanced Deployment

We've got ton's of new stuff in the store. With a big focus on M2e and SR2015!

Bloom Role-Playing Game Character Sheets Now Available


Thank you for checking out the Bloom Role-Playing Game Character Sheet Pack. This download contains character sheets for use with the upcoming Bloom Role-Playing Game which you can pre-order now on Indiegogo at

Bloom is a feature film in which Lily (Deann Baker) wakes up in a bloody motel bathroom with fuzzy memories of the previous night. As she copes with her trauma and struggles to figure out what happened, she begins changing into something inhuman.

The Bloom Role-Playing Game, published in association with Aegis Studios, allows players to step into the world of Bloom and explore the themes introduced in the film.

The Bloom Role-Playing Game is written and developed by Travis Legge.

LaserCutCard Reduces Price on Statis Tomb Terrain

The cyborg statis tomb has had a significant price reduction! The central octagon has been redone in card rather than MDF. This has brought down both the weight and the cost.

It used to cost $32.50 but postage was $9.30 (and it had to be shipped in two separate letters if you chose the cheap option).

Now it costs $29.90 and the postage is only $4.65 AND it ships in a single envelope

New Bits Packs at Alternative Armies

Two new 28mm conversion and bits packs released today by Alternative Armies for use with Flintloque or any 28mm historical range that suits. Wheels and Dragoon parts. Choose packs or single pieces.

Click through to read more and thanks for your time.

How To Serve Man coming to Kickstarter

How To Serve Man

How To Serve Man is a light worker placement game for 2-4 players. The players will act as chefs in an intergalactic cooking competition (a la Iron Chef) where the featured ingredient is Human Beings! Funding campaign will launch on February 8.

Skirmisher Publishing releases 100 Oddities for a Thieves' Guild

100 Oddities

Welcome to Skirmisher Publishing’s Oddities for a Thieves’ Guild, second entry in an ever-expanding series of curiosities for places absurd, bizarre, creepy, devastated, enervated, and frustrated (we can go on and come up with an entire alphabet of abject adjectives, but we have already calibrated our cogitation contraptions to alliterative mode).

Oddities are the details that can transform a 10’x10’ room into a memorable encounter and can be mundane or magical, trivial, obtuse, unusual, unsettling, and even horrifying. You provide the big items like critters, adversaries, mustachioed villains, history, treasure, and context, and we give you embellishments that can enhance any encounter — or hijack it for a hard left turn or even an about face.