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Free League Publishing Unveils ‘The Lost Mountain Saga’, an Epic Expansion for ENNIE-Awarded ‘Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying

Free League Publishing Unveils ‘The Lost Mountain Saga’, an Epic Expansion for ENNIE-Awarded ‘Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying

Free League Publishing has announced the expansion “The Lost Mountain Saga” for the ENNIE-awarded game “Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying”. This epic campaign introduces five gripping Mysteries, in which players journey across the Mythic North to explore ancient myths, navigate complex social intrigues, and confront unspeakable horrors that lurk within the shadows. The ultimate goal? To reveal the truth.

“The Lost Mountain Saga” was penned by actor and podcaster Ellinor DiLorenzo, drawing from the adventures chronicled in her original podcast of the same name. The final release has been modified and enhanced, and will be presented in a hardcover book featuring stunning artwork from acclaimed artists Johan Egerkrans and Anton Vitus. Pre-orders have been initiated today on the Free League webshop, which provides immediate access to the PDF ahead of the official release slated for later this year.

Ellinor DiLorenzo, the creator of the game, expresses a personal connection to the work. “As a Swede living in the United States who mostly plays with Americans, ‘The Lost Mountain Saga’ was a way for me to bring everything that excites me about my own culture and customs to the table,” she says. From the sacred ritual of Swedish fika and the romanticized Viking heritage, to political movements and the terrifying creatures that haunted her childhood dreams, the game encapsulates it all.

In DiLorenzo’s words, “‘The Lost Mountain Saga’ is a love letter to my home country Sweden, celebrating both the good and the bad, and a way for me to express my homesickness by sharing it with others.” The game offers an enticing mix of horror, humor, and cultural exploration, making it appealing for both Swedes and non-Swedes.

“The Lost Mountain Saga” includes five intriguing chapters, each offering a unique experience:

  • Chapter 1: Duty and Despair – Uncover the sinister force behind mysterious accidents in the Swedish mining town of Falun.
  • Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Fall – Attend an exclusive ball at the University of Upsala, as the Asylum witnesses an unexplained surge in patients.
  • Chapter 3: Where the Sun Dies – Undertake a dangerous mission to a distressed island off the northern Norwegian coast.
  • Chapter 4: The Prince & The Witch – Delve into the secrets of the ancient spring celebration of Valborg.
  • Chapter 5: The Lost Mountain Saga – Unearth an ancient stone in the dark caves of the Abisko region in northern Sweden, a discovery fraught with risk and potential consequences.

This exciting expansion continues to build on the captivating world of “Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying”, promising an engrossing and thrilling adventure for players.