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Fat Yuan Yuan Holiday Edition Coming In December

Fat Yuan Yuan Holiday Edition Coming In December

Every year, people all over the world eagerly await the arrival of the jolly, fat, bearded guy with the red suit, and alternative mode of transportation. I’m talking about Fat Yuan Yuan, of course. And this year, he’s keeping your toesels warm with a set of socks along with his special edition miniature for Infinity.

From the announcement:

This Christmas, the Fat Yuan Yuan is prepared to give out the worst gifts at full throttle on his powerful and noisy motorcycle. An impressive miniature with a lot of details.

This Limited Christmas Edition contains the miniature of the Fat Yuan Yuan and a pair of Christmas socks.

And you won’t need to wash them, because Yuan Yuans firmly believe that “in the space, nobody can smell your socks.” So, this is the perfect gift, according to our favorite mercenary.

Don’t wait for Santa to leave it under the Christmas tree and don’t miss out on this Limited Christmas Edition.