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Last Sword Miniatures Unveils ‘The Fallen Lineage’: A Dark Elves Campaign on Kickstarter

Last Sword Miniatures Unveils ‘The Fallen Lineage’: A Dark Elves Campaign on Kickstarter

Last Sword Miniatures, a renowned producer of high-quality game miniatures, has just launched their first dark elves campaign, “The Fallen Lineage,” on Kickstarter. The campaign, which is already exceeding expectations, has raised over $21,480, dwarfing its initial goal of $2,149. With 326 backers already on board, the campaign shows no sign of slowing down and is set to continue until July 7.

“The Fallen Lineage” campaign offers 3D print files for a complete range of Dark Elf miniatures and scenery, all scaled to 32mm. The digital files are pre-supported and ready for printing, with miniature models specifically designed for SLA resin printers, while the scenery is suitable for PLA FDM printers.

In an exciting first for Last Sword Miniatures, the campaign is centered around a Fallen Lineage army, designed to be compatible with the Dread Elves rule book roster from 9th Age. However, the designers stress that these versatile models could be utilized for a wide range of other applications as well.

There is a distinctive aura of mystery surrounding the Fallen Lineage. These elves are portrayed as unique and distinct, not only from the younger races but also from their Elven Lords and Nomen Betu elves counterparts. This campaign allows backers to uncover and explore the intriguing world of the Fallen Lineage.

The campaign offers a variety of character models including the Triarchy’s Captain, Prince on a black dragon, Princess on a horse, Army Standard Bearer on horse, an Assassin, Sorcerer, Beast master, and even the Avatar of the Serpent Goddess. Furthermore, several unit models are also included such as the Dark Phalanx Swordmen, Dark Phalanx Spearmen, Auxilia Crossbowmen, Raiders of the Trierarch, Executioners, Shadow Riders, Hydra and Beast Masters, Bolt Throwers, and crew.

Demonstrating their confidence in their product’s quality, Last Sword Miniatures is also offering a free model, The Triarchy’s Captain, available for download from their Kickstarter page.