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BattleTech Universe Expands with Exciting New Releases and ForcePacks

BattleTech Universe Expands with Exciting New Releases and ForcePacks

New releases have been announced for Battletech, including a box set, the 13th edition of Shrapnel, and the climactic conclusion to Craig Reed’s Elements of Treason trilogy.

BattleTech: Essentials, retailing at $24.99, is a Target exclusive. The box set comes packed with everything an aspiring MechWarrior needs: quick-start rules, two high-quality miniatures, maps, cards, dice, and more. This pack provides a fantastic introduction to BattleTech’s thrilling world of armored combat and the famous Game World of Solaris VII.

The latest issue of Shrapnel, the Official BattleTech Magazine, is now available both as an e-publication for $6.99 and in print-on-demand via Amazon for $12.95. In this issue, readers will journey through the brutal BattleMech warfare of the 31st century and beyond, confronting danger and navigating treacherous politics.

Elements of Treason: Honor, the concluding novel of the Elements of Treason trilogy by Craig A. Reed, finally puts Clan Hell’s Horses front and center. The book, available both as an e-publication for $6.99 and print-on-demand via Amazon for $14.95, explores the struggles of a Clan underestimated and overshadowed by its peers.

In addition to these, three eagerly anticipated new ForcePacks—the Snord’s Irregulars Assault Lance, UrbanMech Lance, and Proliferation Cycle ForcePack—will be available at retail next Wednesday, June 28, and in the Catalyst Game Labs webstore on Friday, June 30.

Ovis Militaris

Wednesday 28th of June 2023

Still waiting for that future expansion featuring an enormous extragalactic invasion from cybernetically-enhanced-genetically-engineered superhuman clones who believe Balzac and Blake are aspects of the Omnissiah and seek to retake Terra from a decadent Star League.