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Ares Games Announces New Special Packs and Airplane Versions for WW1 Wings of Glory

Ares Games Announces New Special Packs and Airplane Versions for WW1 Wings of Glory

Ares Games has announced the upcoming release of exciting new additions to its acclaimed WW1 Wings of Glory line. The additions include Observation Balloon Special Packs and three new versions of the Nieuport 16 airplanes. These strategic enhancements will add more depth and variety to the gameplay, enriching the overall player experience.

The new Special Packs will feature Observation Balloons, specifically the Caquot M / Ae 800 Drachen models. Historically, these “guardians of the skies” played a crucial role during World War I, assisting in troop support, intelligence gathering, and artillery fire coordination. They were heavily defended by anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, and patrolling fighter aircraft, and were also equipped with special weapons like Le Prieur rockets to take down their challengers.

The Special Packs will provide players with the opportunity to feature these significant aerial devices at the center of their gameplay scenarios. The packs include the Caquot M / Ae 800 Drachen in two base colors, Sand and Brown, and will also contain a decal sheet for customization.

In addition to the Observation Balloon Special Packs, Ares Games will also introduce three new versions of the famous Nieuport 16 fighter airplanes: Navarre, Escadrille Lafayette, and De Guibert.

The Navarre version of Nieuport 16 is named in honor of Jean Navarre, “Sentinel of Verdun”, the first French pilot officially recognized as an ace and the first to shoot down two enemy aircraft in a single day.

The Escadrille Lafayette version is dedicated to the renowned squadron named after the French hero of the American Revolutionary War, symbolizing the long-standing camaraderie between the French and the Americans.

The De Guibert variant pays tribute to Henri De Guibert, a respected French pilot who was honored as Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur after 19 years of service.

“The addition of Observation Balloons and the new versions of the Nieuport 16 will truly elevate the gameplay experience for our players,” said an Ares Games representative. “We believe these historical elements will further enrich the engaging narratives and strategies in our WW1 Wings of Glory games.”

These new models are expected to release in September 2023, providing players with an enriched and more nuanced WW1 Wings of Glory experience.