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ARCANA PROPHETIA by The Aerie Games Hits Kickstarter: A Game About Fate and Prophecy

ARCANA PROPHETIA by The Aerie Games Hits Kickstarter: A Game About Fate and Prophecy

The Aerie Games has launched its latest creation, ARCANA PROPHETIA, on Kickstarter. This game combines asymmetry, tarot-inspired mechanics, and intense strategic gameplay to immerse players in a world of fate and prophecy. Designed for two players, ARCANA PROPHETIA offers a unique experience where the ultimate destiny of the mortal realms hangs in the balance.

Set in a world where the Tenth God has perished and the Fates themselves have fallen into corruption, chaos reigns within the pantheon. However, hope remains as the Last Sovereign, ruler of a shattered empire, stands as the lone defender against the impending end of days.

At the heart of ARCANA PROPHETIA lies the intricate interplay between the players. One takes on the role of the Fates, manipulating the gods and seeking to corrupt them. The other assumes the mantle of the Last Sovereign, striving to sanctify the divine and thwart the machinations of the Fates. The game revolves around a deck of ten Arcana cards, each representing a major concept in the game world’s rich pantheon.

“The Last Sovereign must read the Spread, predicting the Fates’ moves and countering their influence,” explains the game’s designer. “The ability to interpret and anticipate the cards played by the Fates is crucial for the Last Sovereign to turn the tides of fate.”

With nine intense and suspenseful rounds, players engage in a battle of wits, attempting to gain control over the gods. Each round unfolds with the Fates playing their cards while the Last Sovereign analyzes the Spread, seeking insights into their opponent’s strategy. The game reaches its climactic conclusion when the player with the most cards aligned to their cause emerges victorious.

The asymmetrical gameplay is a focal point of ARCANA PROPHETIA, with the Fates initially holding the upper hand. As the game progresses, the Last Sovereign gains opportunities to shift the balance in their favor. However, this underdog story requires keen observation and skillful interpretation of the Spread to uncover the Fates’ plans and secure victory.

To add even more replayability, each Arcana card comes in the form of three unique Aspect cards, representing different facets of the respective concept. With a pool of twenty-seven aspects, players have the freedom to construct their set of ten Arcana cards for each game, ensuring countless hours of strategic gameplay.

“ARCANA PROPHETIA offers a tight and competitive experience where narrative elements merge with gameplay mechanics,” says the designer. “The various identities and card aspects make each game a unique tale of the world’s end, providing fresh challenges and new paths for both players to explore.”

As the conflict between the Fates and the Last Sovereign unfolds, the destiny of the world hangs in the balance. Will the Last Sovereign’s insight into the Fates’ intentions be enough to thwart their plans? The fate of the realms lies in the hands of those who dare to challenge the corrupting power of the gods.

To learn more about ARCANA PROPHETIA and support the Kickstarter campaign, visit the official project page and immerse yourself in a world where the fate of the gods and the mortal realms hangs in the balance.