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Warlord Games Posts How to Make Bolt Action Scenarios

Warlord Games Posts How to Make Bolt Action Scenarios

WWII had so many individual battles, skirmishes, and various engagements that it’d be impossible to actually have one company create scenarios to represent them on the tabletop. However, they can give you the tools to make them yourself, so your favorite battle can be played out in miniature. And that’s what Warlord Games gives you in this article about making Bolt Action scenarios.

From the article:

This article is a set of guidelines about writing scenarios for Bolt Action. This advice has been derived from my own personal experience of writing many many scenarios for different purposes within the Bolt Action game system over the years.

From that experience I have to say that there is a huge difference between writing balanced ‘battle scenarios’ and more uneven ‘historical’ scenarios. The first are aimed at being playable in competitive events like tournaments, with both players having equal chances of winning. The latter are more for fun and aimed at capturing the flavour of a particular historical engagement or campaign/sector of the war. And they are, in my opinion, very different beasts!

As the historical ones are those that are far more commonly designed by players all over the world, this article will concentrate on them. Players that are interested in ‘balanced’ tournament scenarios are more normally happy to use the existing ones in the rulebook, or simple tweaks thereof to adapt them to their needs and likes.