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Print Version of Wicked Ones and Undead Awakening Up On Kickstarter

Print Version of Wicked Ones and Undead Awakening Up On Kickstarter

The folks over at Bandit Camp had a real hit on their hands when they ran the original Kickstarter campaign for Wicked Ones. But the game was all digital and people wanted a physical copy of it for themselves. And that’s what we have here. But more than just some printed-out pages, Bandit’s gone for something a bit nicer.

From the article:

When we Kickstarted Wicked Ones in 2019, we took the safe route with a digital release, but since then we’ve really been blown away by how many people have gotten into the game! Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on what has been a real passion project for us. The full game conversion, Undead Awakening, is just coming out and the timing is perfect to give the books the high-quality print run treatment they truly deserve, as well as expanding content of both books!

If you’re new to the game, there’s no better time to get in! We’ll talk more about the features and art of both games in detail further down, but here’s aquick rundown!Wicked Ones is a Forged in the Dark tabletop RPG about a group of fantasy monsters building a dungeon, launching raids on the surface to gather a hoard, and pursuing a nefarious master plan. Along the way, there’s pillaging, rituals, concoctions, contraptions, discoveries deep in the ground, dungeon rooms, traps, creatures, minions, and so much more! You build your dungeon together, expanding it throughout the campaign, with no two dungeons ever alike.

The campaign’s over 11x funded with 14 days left to go.