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Paizo Previews Companions in Kingmaker for Pathfinder

Paizo Previews Companions in Kingmaker for Pathfinder

The Kingmaker adventure path is coming to Pathfinder 2nd edition soon. With it, there’s a single player variant for those times when nobody else can make it to gaming night. In there, there’s companions, because adventuring entirely alone is no fun. We get a look at these companions and how they work a little bit in this article.

From the article:

Later this month, the beloved Kingmaker Adventure Path makes its Pathfinder Second Edition debut with a slate of over a dozen products, both updating the fan-favorite campaign to the new rules set (as well as updating the Pathfinder First Edition rules and expanding into D&D 5E) and incorporating content from the bestselling Pathfinder: Kingmaker computer game from Owlcat Games.

In the computer adaptation of the campaign, a single-player experience, the protagonist meets, befriends, and comes to rely upon a cast of NPC companions who help form their adventuring party and rule their eventual kingdom. When we set out to bring content from the computer game into the tabletop version, we knew we wanted to include these characters, but weren’t quite sure how to do it. After all, a typical play group already has multiple PCs who do what the companions in the CRPG did.

The result was the Kingmaker Companion Guide, a 128-page sourcebook to provide GMs running Kingmaker (or any campaign, really) the tools they need to integrate more than a dozen fully fleshed out NPCs into the campaign as optional expansions to the already massive 640-page Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path. Additionally, the guide presents rules for an optional camping system, complete with new downtime activities for players to use while exploring the Stolen Lands, and expanded weather rules.