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Wizards of the Coast Introduces D&D Design Team

Wizards of the Coast Introduces D&D Design Team

Dungeons & Dragons is a favorite RPG of mine and I’m sure many of you as well. But who are the people that make the game we love so much? Well, in this, the first in a series of articles, WotC introduces us to the design team and gives us a little more information about who they are and what they do (no word on future articles about Who’s their Daddy and what does He Do).

From the post:

2020 was an isolating year. It demanded our coworkers across every department twist their processes and communication to suit the pandemic. Our efforts shifted to putting all our mental focus on producing some of the greatest content we’ve ever released (with more on the way). We’re proud of the work you’re seeing from us, and now that we’ve gotten a hang of this whole remote work thing, we have a little more room to just talk.

So let’s talk!

The intent of this space is to give a visible and central voice to the people driving the development of the D&D Game. You can expect official, high-level, and somewhat frequent posts to live here. While we’re still deciding on an exact cadence, the team is excited to talk more frequently and openly about all the incredible projects we’ve got in the works. Now, we won’t spoil too much—after all, a little surprise is good at every table! We want to build a space where we can best explain our philosophies and design approach, direct others when providing clarifications, and just share more about how our stuff gets made.

This blog is a team effort. While this installment is written by Ray Winninger, you’ll hear from other members of the Studio in the months ahead. As I close on my first full year here, I’m honored to be a part of it—and excited to help the team share their incredible efforts while lifting the curtain just a smidge more for our community worldwide.

Stay tuned. There’s (a Cauldron of) plenty in store!