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Doctor Who

The Daleks are arguably the most iconic villains from all of the Doctor Who series. And while most of us remember the standard gold Daleks with their laser and plunger, there were actually many different types that made appearances throughout the run of the show. In the Maximum Extermination set for Exterminate!, you get two new types, as well as the Genesis Ark ship.
Doctor Who has fought against all manner of strange alien creatures. The cast of characters that have been part of the TV series for the last, oh, 900 years will eventually be making their way to your tabletops in the Exterminate! miniatures game. Two of those will be the Draconians and the Vervoids, both of which you can pick up now.
The Doctor has his work cut out for him. Daleks and Cybermen are constantly threatening not just the here and now, but the far away and far off in time. On the minis table, you'll be able to flood the board with new figures representing these gleaming, metallic threats. There's three new sets available to order from Warlord Games.
You'd think that both being rather mechanical in nature, the Cybermen and the Daleks would get along. Though, (thankfully for most of the rest of the universe) such is not the case. They clash with one-another just like they clash with other races. And that's just what they'll be doing in Exterminate!, a new set for the Doctor Who Miniatures Game from Warlord Games. Pre-orders are being taken now.
Doctor Who is getting a couple new games this year. One of them is the miniatures skirmish game coming from Warlord Games. If you're one of the many Who (see what I did there?) have been wishing they could just jump ahead and time and get it, you'll be happy to see that there's a Part 3 of the interview series with Paul Sawyer posted up, giving you some more details about what you can expect.
The Doctor Who television series has enthralled millions over the decades. We've got two games based on it coming this year. Warlord Games is making a miniatures game that has a lot of players excited. But details have been few and far between so far. Well, to fill in some of those gaps as the release date gets ever-closer, Warlord Games has been talking with designer Paul Sawyer about it.
This upcoming set for the Doctor Who Minis Game is based on the as-yet to be shown Christmas special of the show. As such, while I don't think there are any real spoilers ahead, compared to what might've been out for promos for the show already out there, I'll put all the info behind a link, just in case.
Are you ever in a noisy room and just wish everyone would shut up? Well, go find yourself some of the Silents and you should be good to go. You'll forget about the whole ordeal the moment you look away from them, but at least it'll be good and quiet while you're there. Just be careful, they've got built-in joy buzzers.
I saw several photos of people dressed up as their favorite version of the Doctor for Halloween yesterday and this morning. It goes without saying that it's an incredibly popular series (I mean, it's been on TV for, what? something like 400 years now, right? It looks at the Simpsons' time on TV and goes, "That's cute."). But what about bringing it to your tabletop? Well, that's where Warlord Games comes in. And they've got some new Doctor Who releases in their webshop.