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Card Games

Many of you have enjoyed the Arkwright board game. However, sometimes you want that game experience but maybe with a little more streamlined play, amirite? Well, that's what Game Brewer has done with
This isn't a story we see all that often in the best of times. But considering how things have been this year? It seems impossible. But it's not. Z-Man Games is announcing that Infinity Gauntlet: A Lo
High school. Even if it was decades ago, many of us can remember it just like it was yesterday. The social cliques. The classes. The various events like dance and football games. And, of course, the b
A new batch of card game releases are available from Fantasy Flight. There's the new Hulk Hero Pack for Marvel Champions. There's the Return to the Forgotten Age expansion for Arkham Horror the Card G
Many of you have played one of the versions of Love Letter over the years. You're trying to find your true love in the quick-playing game. But love's not the goal in Infinity Gauntlet. So, how did the
The Phoenix is legendary because it dies in fire only to be reborn anew from the ashes. Seems fitting that's what's happening here. Plaid Hat Games is going to be releasing Ashes Reborn, a new edition
Let's begin with some appropriate music. (well, appropriate for the story. Maybe not for work. It's YouTube, but still, I don't need anyone in trouble over a link :P ) Better. Now, Cryptozoic is bring
Since there was no physical Gen Con this year, I missed out on my yearly opportunity of walking the halls and just seeing circles of people slapping their legs in unison while playing Werewolf. Well,
For decades now, humans have been giving serious consideration to building a permanent second home for some of us up on the moon. And while actual attempts to do that are still in just the planning ph
The social structures and hierarchies in kingdoms can get incredibly complicated incredibly quickly. Nobles of all types have their own secret plots to not just get and maintain power, but look to imp
mikehansenasu 2 days ago
This game is a blast to play! You can play it free on Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia. It goes live on Kickstarter August 25th.
It's two, two, two campaigns in one! Indie Boards & Cards is combining two of their projects together and bring you them both together in one Kickstarter campaign. On one side, you have Quest, a n
In the night, creatures no longer entirely human stalk the dark spaces. They are the vampires, each a part of their own secret cabal, working to forward their group's goals. It's into this world that
A classic card game is getting a D&D makeover. Wizards of the Coast is coming out with a new version of The Great Dalmuti. Luck is fickle. Sometimes it's with you and you're on top. Other times, y
With Gen Con going online, everyone's able to participate in the great deals and specials that companies are running this weekend. Japanime Games is included in that group, and so you can head over an
I'd usually be talking about "if you can't be at Gen Con this year," but nobody can be at Gen Con this year. Or, everybody can be at Gen Con this year, as long as you have an internet connection. As s
We're on the threshold of the weekend. Woo! And not just any weekend, but Gen Con weekend. I mean, we're already hip-deep in Gen Con Online as it is, but for the next couple days, work won't be in the
Another of the big announcements from Fantasy Flight during Gen Con Online so far is X-Men: Mutant Insurrection, a new dice-driven card game from Richard Launius and Brandon Perdue that puts players i
bradwtrulove 11 days ago
While I am excited for this I would rather see some X-Men represented in Champions and Crisis Protocol.
One of the things that I enjoyed the most about Gen Con was perusing the dealer's hall, looking for all the great deals, exclusives, and pre-releases that were available at the show. And while I'm not
It's a tough competition out there. Who's got the better, flashier moves? Who can show up their opponent with their sweet tricks? Who can get their crowd more riled up and shouting their name? That's
It's the Greatest 4 Days in Gaming. It's simply happening in a different location than usual. Where is it happening? Absolutely everywhere you can get online. Portal Games is attending and they've pos
Like most companies, Looney Labs will be headed to Gen Con Online this weekend. While they're showing off Spongebob Squarepants Fluxx, they've also got handy links for all your Gen Con Online needs, f
The great pharaohs of Egypt knew how to live. They certainly liked the fancier things in life. And so it seems only right to have a premium edition of Valley of the Kings. But you don't want to be spe
Gen Con Online is just around the corner. And, like when the show was in Indy, companies are posting up what they'll have in store. In this case, it's Z-Man Games giving us insights into what you can
Why not get the day off started with what looks like an insanely adorable card game, eh? Seems like a good way to get Friday rolling. Here, we have Autumn Harvest, a new card game coming from Renegade