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Card Games

Illionois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis. I'm not a fan of Nazis of any type, to be honest, especially those still left over from WWII that run evil organizations that are looking to infiltrate into every aspect of life and take over as some sort of multi-headed mythical creature. Oh look, it's Red Skull. What timing. Let's go punch him in the face. That's what you'll be doing in The Rise of Red Skull, a new expansion for Marvel Champions coming soon from Fantasy Flight.

Elnerth. Land of the Keepers, powerful beings each in charge of their own Faction of followers. Among them, war is eternal as each looks to destroy the other's Sanctuaries. Will this constant war ever find a winner and come to an end? That's up to you to figure out in Sanctuary: The Keepers Era, a new hand-management card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Your home (hopefully). I'm home. Everybody at home. Many people have the opportunity to get some gaming in. Cryptozoic would like it if you made it some of their games. They've expanded their sale with more game titles and have also now included their collectables, if you're into those kinds of things.

Z-Man Games has a new version of Love Letter out there that's designed for the everyday world we see around us right now... strange as it might be at the moment. It's called Love Letter: Sender and it's a print-and-play version of the game that takes into account the instant-messaging technology that we have now (my phone has literally a half-dozen apps that all effectively do the same thing of just sending messages to people).

Longtime readers will know my love of "gaming backpack games." They're the games that you can just toss in your backpack with you when you go to gaming night and pull out at a moment's notice when there's some downtime between other games. Well, up on Kickstarter now, there's a set of three such games. They're called GPS, Sequoia, and Mountain Goats, and each takes about 10min to play.

As everyone knows, all aspects of life have been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. Game companies are having to halt production and shipping in some cases due to the situations in various countries. Fantasy Flight has posted an update about what they're doing during this time. Long story short: delayed shipments, especially to certain areas of the world.

The folks over at Unstable Unicorns are making it a bit easier to pick up their products while we're all stuck indoors. They've launched a sale over on their webshop that includes everything they make. Simply use the coupon code Unicorn and you'll get 20% off your entire order.

Hey there, Legal Eagles. It's time to think like a lawyer (love that channel on YouTube). Rock Manor Games is looking to take you to court. But don't worry, you're not being put on trial for anything. Instead, you're playing as legal counsel. Lawyer Up is a new asymmetrical card game where players look to argue their case in court. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

I like to think of myself as a good baker. Generally speaking, people have enjoyed the things I've brought out for them when it comes to sweets. So, I would hope that nobody would see anything I make as deadly (unless you've got an allergy or something). However, everything in Deadly Desserts can potentially put you to an end. It's a new trick-taking card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

As with most companies, there have been changes over at Ares Games based on the COVID-19 outbreak. They've posted up an article talking about what they're doing this time and what products will be affected as well as a hopeful timeline of when they'll be able to start sending things back out again.

Since many game stores are closed and many products are being delayed and we're not supposed to go outside anyway, However, nobody says you can't go online and download stuff. In fact, that's what they're encouraging people to do. And Portal Games is here to help with some free content for their games that they've put up online so old games can feel new again.

With the world all sick, there's delays in all sorts of production and manufacturing. This includes the gaming industry. As such, Asmodee has announced that they're delaying all product releases until at least May 1st so that their workers can stay home and hopefully not catch COVID-19.

We're not supposed to go out. And many of you have possibly already run through your gallery of games. So, what do you do now? Well, if you're a fan of cooperative deck-building games, you can check out the print-and-play version of Xenoshyft that CMON has posted up online. No going out required.

As I mentioned, a lot of different countries rolled out new regulations and closures during the outbreak. Japanime Games is being affected by these new orders and have temporarily stopped shipping product.

With the pandemic going on, all facets of life are affected. Renegade Game Studios has posted up an update about their release schedule. Long story short: expect dates being pushed back to allow for the disruption caused by the virus.

So, you've played all your games a couple dozen times and you're looking for something new. Well, why not have both a game you know and a new way to play it? That's what you get here with some new game modes for Marvel Champions from Fantasy Flight.

Many of us are taking proper precautions and not heading out anywhere during this time. And while I live alone, many of you have friends and loved ones that you shack up with. Sounds like a perfect time to try out some new games. And to help with that, Renegade Game Studios is offering a sale over in their webshop. And thankfully even for me, they've got some solo games on sale as well.

We're all doing our party to practice social isolation. If you can work from home (like me), hopefully you are. You're probably not going out as often as you might otherwise. But if you're stuck at home with your roommates and family, might as well get some gaming in. And to help. Cryptozoic is holding their Stay Home, Play Games sale over in their webshop.

Just about everyone's got an idea for a movie they'd like to make. And, of course, there's big money to be made in movies. Having the right script can lead to wealth and fame. And getting your script approved is just what you'll be trying to do in Million Dollar Script, a new party game coming from Portal Games.

When a Viking dies a glorious death in battle, they go to Valhalla. That's just expected. But what if you're just an average Joe? Well, apparently, you can still end up in Valhalla. That's gotta be disconcerting. Suddenly, you're surrounded by screaming warriors, dragons, monsters, and all sorts of things. You'd probably want to get out, and that's just what you'll be doing in Lost in Valhalla, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Weight loss. It sucks. I know, since I'm trying to lose about 10 stone, myself. But, I did my workout this morning and feel better for it. And I can even bring my weight loss goals to the tabletop in Rumbbell FatDragon Invasion, a new deckbuilding card game all about fitness (and I don't mean "fitness whole pizza in my mouth") that's up on Kickstarter now.

Sure, there's plenty of spells you can cast with your wand, but there's also a wealth of different recipes for potions and different magical charms that can also help you in your plan to defeat the wizarding world's greatest foes. And that's just what you'll be tapping into with Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle: The Charms and Potions Expansion. This new set is coming soon from The OP Games.

No, this isn't some sort of Rule 34 thing. Love Letter isn't always about courting someone for romance. So, when you reskin it for a Marvel setting, you can simply swap it to the Infinity Gauntlet and away you go. That's what we've got here. If you've liked the game but didn't really like all the lovey-dovey stuff, this might be the version for you.

I have to say, I've been starving for some just light, fun, easy conversation lately. Everything is so down and dour that it was really grating on me. But getting one of those started can be rough. Thankfully, there's a new card game up on Kickstarter to help. It's called Outta Our Shells. Have yourselves a look-see.

Modern medicine. Every day, we hear of new breakthroughs in medicine and treatments. But a couple hundred years ago? Yeah, they'd just throw whatever at the wall and see what sticks. And it's into that world that you find yourself in Trust Me, I'm a Doctor, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.