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What're your thoughts on movies? Do they hold up? Are they stinkers? Well, Cryptozoic is letting you judge films in Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game, coming next year.
Lucky Duck Games and CMON Asia have announced a partnership where CMON Asia will distribute English-language versions of Lucky Duck's games in Southeast Asia.
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set
On your marks. Get set. Bake! It's time to head into the tent to try and win yourself a crystal cake stand in The Great British Baking Show. What's that? You can't bake? Not in Britain? Don't worry. Y
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert this time is brought to you by Core Connection, the mech-building card game. Japanime Games and Keep Dry are running a Gamefound campaign for a new core
Plaid Hat Games has several things up for pre-order now in their webshop. They've got the new Summoner Wars decks, plus new tokens and mats. Head on over and get your name on the list to get these new
Atlas Games has been busy working on not just one, but two expansions for their popular Godsforge game. They're Return of the Dragon Gods and Twilight of the Great Houses. These two sets will be makin
Werewolf! "There! There wolf!" No, I mean werewolf. And weremonkies. And were... everything, really. There's a secrete world of them out there, all fighting for supremacy. That's where you find yourse
In the deepest reaches of the dungeon lurks a truly horrifying beast: Kevin! It's up to you to go and grab his treasure, but you're gonna have to make sure you don't just up and die along the way or o
Cryptozoic is celebrating the release of the new Epic Spell Wars (rest of the long-ass name goes here) expansion that they're having themselves a sale on everything ESW in their webshop.
Looking for a quick and easy way to learn the periodic table of elements and have a cool game at the same time? ... I know I certainly wish I did back in chemistry class back in high school... but now
Whenever I'm like, "man, that game's sure got a long name," Cryptozoic comes in and is like, "Hold my Mt. Dew." I remember the Kickstarter for this, but now, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANN
Ok, so the plushie isn't necessarily *for* Vagrantsong. But, it does come with three exclusive cards for the game. So, you completionists out there will want to check it out.
Ah yes, the great outdoors. At least here in GA, the temps have come down enough where being outside isn't like standing in an oven. So, getting out might not be so bad. But for places where that's no
If you're a fan of the Fantasy Realms game, but looked at it and went, "I really wish it was super heroes instead of... y'know.. fantasy..." then you're in luck, because WizKids has released Marvel Re
Two new decks are coming out soon for Summoner Wars and they each bring a new faction to the game. Get your first look at the Obsidian Dwarves and the Sand Goblins in this initial preview.
If I could control the weather, I'd definitely have it rain more where I'm at. I just like rain. Also, hitting my foes with lightning does seem like real fun. And while I can't do that, Storm certainl
In Marvel Champions, players go on campaigns to stop evil supervillains from completing their nefarious schemes. Fantasy Flight's the one that's traditionally made those campaigns, but they're looking
It's the wildest game of Capture the Flag you've ever seen. Wizards, super heroes, dinosaurs, clowns, everyone's out to get it. But who will have it in the end and who will have the most fans along th
It might be a bit retro, but I've always had a fondness for old wallpaper. Flat colors are fine, but wallpaper can really give character to a room. Unfortunately, I can't really do much here in my apa
Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Most people have an opinion on that. I just generally like it and feel there's about 4 months where it's slightly more-appropr
There's been a ton of stuff that's been celebrating its 10th anniversary recently. One that I remember originally coming out is Smash Up. The game of taking and breaking bases has been around for a de
Get your deck of spells ready. Make sure you have your wand charged. And get ready for the duel of a lifetime. Wizard Duel: The Magic and the Fantasy is a new dueling card game that's up on Kickstarte
When the source of magic power, oomph, starts to run low, it's off to find new sources for it. Thankfully, a whole vast expanse has been found in space. Now, all the wizlords are looking to get the mo
A lot of people just either headed back to school or had friends/relatives head back to school. At the start of the semester, it can sometimes feel like a free-for-all on campus as everyone tries to g
Fantasy Flight is updating the FAQ and taboo list for Arkham Horror LCG. Make sure to head over and see what's changed so you can be sure your decks are still legal and you're playing the right way. P