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Welcome to our Arcane Wonders news hub. Below you will find the latest news about Arcane Wonders and the games in their catalogue.

  • Founded: 2012
  • Games: Mage Wars, Onitama, Furnace, Foundations of Rome and more.

Latest News:

Big news for both video gamers and board game enthusiasts as Arcane Wonders announces a long-term partnership with Activision Publishing, Inc, Genuine Entertainment, and Evolution. The collaboration aims to produce Call of Duty: The Board Game, a strategy game series inspired by the hugely popular video game franchise. Pre-orders for the board game will open …

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Here in the northern hemisphere, we’re well into cold and flu season. I’ve got various friends that are in various stages of being sick/getting over being sick. Sometimes it can feel like different pathogens are fighting it out for different organs within your body. Well, in Viral, that’s exactly what is happening, and soon Arcane …

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TGN’s Enrico Nardini directs his palantir towards Bryan Pope, resident conjurer at Arcane Wonders and the creator of Mage Wars. Enrico Nardini (EN) – Are you concerned that you will reach a “critical mass” of mage types and spell cards? What steps are in place to keep Mage Wars balanced? Bryan Pope (BP) – No. We …

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