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Portal Games Releases Under the Radar Case for Detective

Portal Games Releases Under the Radar Case for Detective

The thing with having an app as part of your game is that you can easily add more content to it by just letting players download things directly to said app. So, for players who have an Antares account with Portal Games and the L.A. Crimes rulebook for that expansion of Detective, they can now go grab a free case file called Under the Radar. Simple as that.

From the website:

Portal Games is happy to announce a surprise new content for players enjoying Detective. A new bonus case called Under the Radar has just been released on Antares Database. Players who bought L.A. Crimes can access the case by writing the unique code found in the bottom left corner on the first page of the L.A. Crimes rulebook. Please note that each code can be associated only with one Antares account. After accessing the case players can either print out the case cards or view them on their device. Under the Radar is the 4th case to L.A. Crimes. This time players lead an FBI investigation trying to capture David Andrews, an experienced former CIA agent, now the head of a criminal organization standing behind an attempted assassination. He seems to have vanished into thin air. Will players manage to outsmart him?

L.A. Crimes is an expansion to a critically acclaimed Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, which has won Portal Games many prominent awards and nominations including Dice Tower Best Theming Award 2018, As d’Or Expert Game of the Year Award 2019, nomination for Kennerspiel des Jahres 2019, nominations for Golden Geek Best Game of the Year 2019, Golden Geek Best Cooperative, Best Innovative and Best Thematic Game of the Year 2019. L.A. Crimes consists of 3 case scenarios telling a compelling story taking players back to the 80’s. Under the Radar is the continuation of that story.