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Plaid Hat Previews Sand Goblin Upgrades for Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Previews Sand Goblin Upgrades for Summoner Wars

The Sand Goblins are all about tricking out their rides for maximum speed and maximum carnage. Get a look at some of these upgrades and how they work in this Summoner Wars preview.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! Krusk has been working hard in the shop to deliver these powerful Upgrade events to you.

Thruster Upgrade gives your rides that extra kick they need to get where they need to go, or can even be used to bail out of situations too risky for even a goblin to stay in.

Turret Upgrade can add some extra firepower to the field, but its uncertainty can be a liability if leaned on too hard. Consider upgrading your gates with this event to maximize the number of turns they can fire off!

Mortar Upgrade is the heaviest weapon in the Sand Goblin arsenal, dealing an explosive radius of damage to all in its way. It’ll cost the Sand Goblins some extra resources to fire off, beware!

Krusk has one final trick up his sleeve: Detonate! At the press of a button, Krusk can explode one of his riders’ vehicles, picking up the scraps to reconstruct.

 Tomorrow, we continue our daily Summoner Wars previews with the rest of the Sand Goblin common units. See you there!