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Plaid Hat Posts Wayfarers Preview #1 for Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Posts Wayfarers Preview #1 for Summoner Wars

Along with the Shadow Elves, another new faction that’s coming soon to Summoner Wars are the Wayfarers. Get a look at a pair of Common Units for the deck in this first preview for them.

From the article:

Welcome back, summoners! We recently announced the Wayfarers, a band of spirited adventurers, seeking the thrill of new horizons across all of Itharia! Check out their summoner, Celeste, and their epic event in the announcement article. Let’s see who else has joined the party!

The Eager Adventurer sets out to see the world with her Embark ability. Strive to reach the opponent’s side of the battlefield, using the flexible timing of Embark to press forward at opportune moments. This unit is fast, but only if you set your sights for the horizon!

The Spirit Voyager doubles down on the speed Wayfarers bring to the table, allowing her to warp long distances when paired up with an ally. Their strong ranged attacks make them a considerable force, especially for how far they can warp at a moment’s notice! 

 Tomorrow, we continue Summoner Wars previews as we share the remaining two trickster common units!