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Plaid Hat Games Explains Symbols in Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Games Explains Symbols in Summoner Wars

“Hey, have you any idea what these strange symbols are?” “I think they’re just strange symbols of some kind.” We’ve been getting a lot of previews for the upcoming Summoner Wars 2nd edition. Eagle-eyed gamers might have seen various symbols on the cards that haven’t been fully explained yet. Well, in this preview, we get a look at just what those mean.

From the article:

If you’ve seen previews of the new Summoner Wars cards or played our online demo, then you’ve undoubtedly seen the build symbols on each card. So what are build symbols?

Why they’re the radical new trend all the groovy teens are into this summer!

Three Symbols Per Deck

In Summoner Wars, every summoner has three build symbols. When building a custom deck, a player starts by choosing a summoner. Their summoner’s build symbols will then determine which units and events they are allowed to add to their deck.

As an example, Svara has the martial build symbol. Every summoner has this one, as it’s the symbol of mercenaries – unaligned warriors who will fight for anyone.