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Pandasaurus Announces The Wolves Board Game

Pandasaurus Announces The Wolves Board Game

You’re the leader of the pack *motorcycle engines revving* No, not that type of leader of the pack, you’re the leader of a wolf pack and it’s up to you to make sure your pack is the biggest and strongest. But other packs are looking to do the same. Who will be the top dog… err… wolf in the region? That’s what you’ll find out in The Wolves, a new board game coming from Pandasaurus.

From the announcement:

It has been an exciting week of announcements and we have yet another one for you – The Wolves is our newest game coming straight to retail this October! If you’ve been waiting for a medium-weight strategy game from Pandasaurus, wait no longer. It’s here!

Preorders will open August 22nd and include a free promo. If you’re going to Essen Spiel we’re planning to have early copies to sell (barring any shipping crises).