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Paizo Posts Pathfinder 2nd Edition Errata

Paizo Posts Pathfinder 2nd Edition Errata

The latest printing of the Pathfinder rulebook is out. With it comes several changes to the game. If you want to make sure you’re playing the game the way the designers intended, you’ll want to head over and check the changes out.

From the article:

With the Pathfinder Core Rulebook 2nd printing beginning to arrive, we’ve published a list of errata found by Paizo staff and fans alike. Many thanks to those of you from and other fan communities who helped find potential errata. While there’s a variety of small improvements, here’s a list of five of the changes that appear in the errata that had the most scope. Some of these were also present in the first set of errata:

  • All classes increase their unarmed attack proficiency along with their weapons.
  • Alchemists gain a scaling item DC without taking a feat and can make more of their field specialty items at 1st level, instead of 5th. They all gain medium armor proficiency in addition to unarmored and light armor.
  • We simplified how you carry items into held, worn, and stowed items, making it easier to determine where you can find each of your items without needing to go nitty gritty and buy every bandolier, pouch, and pocket to contain them.
  • We lowered the Bulk of several items and separated out the alchemist’s kit, which is for travel, from the alchemist’s lab, which is very heavy. These changes make it easier to carry your important tools on the go.
  • We clarified Sustained spells to make it clear whether you could Sustain them multiple times in the same turn and get a benefit.