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Paizo Posts 3 Items for Pathfinder

Paizo Posts 3 Items for Pathfinder

A nice day on the beach seems like a chance to relax. But a Pathfinder can never be sure when trouble will strike. And when on the beach, there’s sure to be some beach-themed items around that can help or hinder their lives. Check out these three new items for Pathfinder that Paizo posted.

From the article:

A geyser of twisting water suddenly erupts from the “seashell,” slamming into the rat monster with enough force to send the creature up and over the edge of the well and down into its murky depths. Wasting no time, Purepurin gestures furiously for assistance, chasing rats away from a heavy, steel-shod wooden cover clearly intended for the well. With some assistance from Ziik and the visitors, Purepurin seals the well, the rat monster apparently unable to climb up quickly enough to secure its escape. The old ratcatcher, Ziik, grumbles about needing to march all the way to vault 47 for clean water. As he places protective paper talismans around the edge of the well, Purepurin recovers her thrown dagger and smiles widely.

“Too much for the average kobold, but not for yours truly!” Purepurin calmly waves a beckoning claw as she exits the room through a different doorway than the one she used to enter. “If you think that was scary, wait’ll you meet the boss!”