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New Pathfinder Comic Series ‘Wake the Dead’ Introduces a New Party of Iconic PCs

New Pathfinder Comic Series ‘Wake the Dead’ Introduces a New Party of Iconic PCs

Pathfinder fans, get ready for a new adventure with Wake the Dead, the latest installment in the Pathfinder comic series. Written by Fred Van Lente and published by Dynamite, this new series takes a different approach from the previous volumes.

Wake the Dead introduces a new party of Iconic PCs, featuring characters of different classes. The story follows Harsk, a dwarf ranger who finds himself on a mission for the Pathfinder Society in the arcane state of Nex. He’s joined by Lem, a bard, and Sajan, a monk, both members of the Firebrands, a group of adventurers. Seelah, a paladin from the Knights of Lastwall, is also involved in the mission, along with Quinn, an investigator.

Their goal? To meet with a defector from the undead nation of Geb, who has valuable information for all these groups. However, they soon discover that they’re not the only ones after the defector. Nyctessa, a Gebbite necromancer, also has her own agenda.

The story takes place in Ecanus’s Awful district, a dangerous place filled with danger at every turn. The party must work together to survive the night and secure the defector.

Writer Fred Van Lente promises an action-packed adventure, full of twists and turns. Wake the Dead is set to debut in May, so be sure to grab your copy and join the adventure.


Ovis Militaris

Friday 21st of April 2023

I no like new party. Seoni was best waifu.