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Monday Terrain Corner

It's Monday.
Let's not try and dwell on that fact too much and instead just think about what cool things you might be planning for next weekend. If plans include gaming, you'll possibly need some terrain. That's why we're here with our Terrain Corner.

Today's batch includes: Heroic Maps - Storeys: The Aelfmynster Ruins, and Burn In Designs New Products - All aboard the Steel Horse Express.

Heroic Maps - Storeys: The Aelfmynster Ruins

Heroic Maps

Deep in forest, overgrown with moss and ivy, stand the Aelfmynster Ruins. So named by the locals for it's resemblance to a church, they were unaware of the importance that this Elvish temple once held. Whilst the Eldthruin Empire was at its zenith, the High Temple of Methry'uin was famed throughout the land as a place of worship, but that was long ago. Travellers that come across the ruins may seek shelter from a storm beside the marble walls, little realising the secrets beneath the worn stones.

The Aelfmynster Ruins is a set of printable dungeon floorplans compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. It can be used as a standalone gameboard, or combined with any same-scale tileset.

The Aelfmynster Ruins is a multiple level set, comprising 2 battlemaps (each depicting a different floor)
Ground Floor - A ruined temple or minster made of marble, with grand circular steps and columns. An altar stands above a panel of stone, ornately carved with script.
Crypt - Reached by a set of secret steps that open in front of the altar, the floor of the colonnaded crypt is broken and torn by tree roots that have grown down there. The grand Elf deity statue at the end of the building watches over the crypt as time takes its toll.

Burn In Designs New Products - All aboard the Steel Horse Express

Burn In Designs is launching a new series of steampunk train kits, Steel Horse Railways. These new 28mm heroic train kits are deigned with gameplay in mind with spacious interiors and spaces for easy model placement without worry of them toppling over. Each wood kit comes fully engraved and loaded with details. Also available with the set are railway tracks, trellises and handcars to complete your table. The set is the perfect complement to the Steel Horse train station in the Welcome to Rock Ridge terrain line.