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Mantic Games Launches New 3D-Printable Miniatures Service: The Mantic Vault

Mantic Games Launches New 3D-Printable Miniatures Service: The Mantic Vault

Mantic Games has announced the launch of its new 3D-printable miniatures service, the Mantic Vault. This new service will offer a growing library of official sculpts, which can be downloaded as themed packs or by subscription. Mantic Vault offers a new way of having previously resin-exclusive sculpts delivered to your 3D printer with the click of a mouse.

According to the company, the Mantic Vault will not replace its hard plastic sprues, which are widely available from its retail partners both online and offline. Instead, it will offer popular upgrades that customers can use to customize their plastic kits.

The service will also provide Vault exclusives, such as cosmetic upgrades that enhance immersion without any direct impact on gameplay. Additionally, Mantic Games plans to release previously unreleased sculpts as surprises.

For those who do not have a 3D printer, they can still purchase any file pack they want and ask a local 3D-printing service, hobby shop, or friend to print it for them. However, the license only covers personal use, and there are no plans for commercial licenses at this time.

Subscription is available for those who want to get file packs cheaper and earlier. Companion subscribers can also upgrade their subscription to access both services combined for less than £10 a month.

Mantic Games has an early-bird price for its subscription, with discounts for Companion subscribers. Additionally, the company offers a “welcome pack” of bonus STL files for subscribers, which will keep expanding over time.

Mantic Vault’s first pack of files is already available for customers to purchase, and future packs will launch on the first of each month. With this new service, Mantic Games hopes to offer more options to the wargaming community, making it easier for more customers to enjoy its games.