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Friday Snippets

Friday is once more upon us. I hope you've got plans for gaming over the next couple days, be it FNM, some miniatures action, or maybe an RPG or two. I've got some projects on my desk to work on in the form of some minis to build for review articles. Should be a good time. Reminds me that I need to borrow the good camera for the weekend.

Anyway, as is custom, we've collected some bite-sized stories and now giving them to you to snack on.

In this group we've got: Von Rotte Light Troops released by Alternative Armies, a new free scenario for Skrimish Sangin, New 32mm bases from Tabletop-Art, 4 New Desert Tomb Maps from Heroic Maps, USA Today talks about Earth Encounters, New Photo-Realistic Building Release from Sally 4th, Coming Soon from Silly Kid Games: Golem Academy Action Anime Card Game, Khurasan releases Space Demon Vampires, New 32mm bases from Micro Art Studio, and New Legionary Smash Hammers from Kromlech.

Von Rotte Light Troops released by Alternative Armies


The last code release of new miniatures in the Von Rotte Legion is here! Light Infantry Dwarves in 28mm for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. A fantastic eight pose in twelve miniatures set in white metal.

Click through to see more as well as more images.

Lovely, really lovely.

Thanks for Reading.

A New Free Scenario from Skrimish Sangin


Radio Dishdash Publications release their 2nd free scenario for Skirmish Sangin, the aim is to release a free scenario every month until the end of the year. This one is called Sniper hunt and features a bunch of US marines trying to hunt down "The Mouse" an insurgent sniper that has been making life hard in Helmand.

New 32mm Bases from Tabletop-Art

The 32mm bases of the base sets Scrap Steel, Surface Meteoric and Ruins of Sanctuary are now available.

4 New Desert Tomb Maps from Heroic Maps

Printable battlemaps compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset.
Contents: An Egyptian style tomb complex. Treasures, statues, sarcophagi and floor paintings decorate these ancient burial tombs.

Uses: Steal the treasure from the tomb of the Pharaoh, resurrect the Queen of the Sands, venture into the shadows to destroy an ancient evil.

Also included is a 300dpi full size jpg, for poster printing or VTT

USA Today talks about Earth Encounters

Earth Encounters

Which has changed the world more, Google or Facebook? What would our founding fathers say about the Second Amendment today?

Answering questions like these are the keys to defeating an alien that feasts on human knowledge in a new game a California father and son hope to bring to market soon.

The objective of board game Earth Encounters is to have fun while generating conversation and ideas, says developer Lawrence Walker.

But don't call it a trivial pursuit -- Earth Encounters is meant to spur constructive action in real life.

New Photo-Realistic Building Release from Sally 4th

Two 28mm scale houses complete with outbuildings and yard for £15.00. Finished size 200mm x 300mm x 210mm high.

This is the first building in Sally 4th exciting new range of photo-realistic building kits, designed to bring a new level or detail, realism and playability to your miniatures gaming.

The kit consists of a simple but robust shell with walls constructed from 3mm Medite and floors and roof from 2mm MDF. This is very quick and easy to assemble and features a removable roof. We have come to recognise that different gamers have different needs as far as model buildings and terrain go. Some want a very basic, cheap and cheerful building with minimum effort while some want a completely accurate and detailed model similar to those seen on the best model railways. We have tried to accommodate this by developing a customisable kit. You can use the building as built, add your own cardboard stone and plaster texture or just paint the building and use it straight away.

Or, you can download one of the photo-realistic cover layers we have designed for this building, for free, print out on your home printer, glue to the shell with PVA glue, apply a quick coat of varnish and you have a very detailed and realistic looking building to grace your table in far less time than it would take to paint a building to the same level of detail.

Photo-realistic covers are available for this building in three finishes; Stone, Brick & Plaster Render

If you do not want to print these yourselves, these are available pre-printed on to self-adhesive matt photo paper.

The covers include a sheet of doors and windows for the kit, but as some gamers want a more detailed finish we have developed 4 accessory kits that contain the 14 windows and six doors to complete this kit. This allows you to customise the building to the level of detail that you want for your games. Three of the accessory sets are simple glue on windows, the fourth is the most detailed set that features separate sill, glazing and glazing bars and is made from MDF, Perspex and Mounting Board.

If there is sufficient demand we will add an interior set with rooms, stairs and internal doors and a front garden add-on.

Coming Soon from Silly Kid Games: Golem Academy Action Anime Card Game

Golem Academy

Silly Kid Games, LLC may be new to the gaming scene, but novice and hardcore gamers alike will appreciate their passion for creating highly entertaining games that everyone can enjoy. The Kennesaw, Georgia-based company was founded by veteran game enthusiasts who believe in preserving the simplicity and camaraderie of traditional game play while upping the ante on a creative level with imaginative storytelling and stunning original art.

“We are constantly thinking of new things to add to our games that will enhance the playing experience and make them more enjoyable,” says Silly Kid Games Lead Game Designer Daniel Lees. “We have some exciting things in store, and we’re ecstatic about what's ahead of us.”

Golem Academy is the first game designed and developed by Silly Kid Games and is slated for retail distribution in late 2015. Featuring an expertly crafted quest and eye-popping action anime artwork, the card game transports players to the mythical realm of Dark Tree Village, where their characters battle one another in the training arena and attempt to fuse with their Golems—powerful creatures with unique abilities that will help them in their quest for victory.

“The look and feel of Golem Academy is unlike anything players have seen before,” says Justin Powell, chief creative officer at Silly Kid Games. “It brings together our passion for board games and the artistry and appeal of the action anime genre. It’s really one of a kind—and it’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as what we have in store for players!”

Designed for up to 4 players ages 15 and up, Golem Academy includes more than 200 brilliantly illustrated cards, including double-sided character cards, as well as four exclusive play boards and eight dice. Plans are already under way for an expansion deck.

Khurasan releases Space Demon Vampires

Space Demon Vampires

We are very pleased to release our latest offering in the space demon range, Space Demon Vampires. They are the size of the other basic warriors, but have wings.

Each set has four different bodies (with rudder tail), two different types of wings, and two different heads.

They are available now.

New 32mm bases from Micro Art Studio

Today we released new type of bases round 32mm. At the beggining the bases will be available in this lines:

Shale Bases, 32mm Round (4)
Temple Bases, 32mm Round (4)
Old Factory Bases, 32mm Round (4)
Chaos Bases, 32mm Round (4)
Wasteland Bases, 32mm Round (4)
Scrapyard Bases, 32mm Round (4)

Beside that we released another new type of bases flat 2,5"
Old Factory Bases, 2.5" Flat (2)

New Legionary Smash Hammers from Kromlech


today we have a fresh supply of close combat weapons.
If you prefer to hit your enemy just once but good then you will like those:

Legionary Smash Hammers