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Axe-A-Lot-L Card Game on Kickstarter: Axolotls and Axes Collide!

Axe-A-Lot-L Card Game on Kickstarter: Axolotls and Axes Collide!

A new card game featuring axolotls and axes has hit Kickstarter, and it’s quickly gaining popularity among fans of quick, chaotic games. “Axe-A-Lot-L” has already exceeded its funding goal, with over $21,000 pledged by more than 1,200 backers.

The game is easy to learn and play, but offers plenty of strategic choices and combos for those who want to master it. Players take on the role of axolotls trying to chop off each other’s limbs with axes, while also defending themselves and hindering their opponents using various tricks and tactics.

One of the game’s unique features is the ability to regrow limbs, thanks to the impressive regenerative abilities of real-life axolotls. When a player regenerates a limb, they draw a new appendage from the Limb Deck – but there’s no guarantee it will regrow exactly the same.

The last axolotl with limbs left standing wins, but in a 3-4 player game, the first player eliminated becomes a Limbless Ball Of Floof and Rage. They can no longer win, but they draw a handful of cards from the Revenge deck, which they can use to make the game even more lethal and chaotic for the surviving players.

Despite the game’s violent theme, the creators are quick to point out that they love axolotls and would never want to harm them in real life. In fact, they’re pledging 10% of any potential profits to The Wildlife Conservation Society, to aid their efforts to protect the natural habitats of threatened species all over the world.

The game’s creator has already completed the artwork and playtesting, but is hoping to add even more art to the game if the Kickstarter campaign is successful. Depending on the final amount raised and any stretch goals reached, the game is expected to ship by the end of 2023.

If you’re a fan of axolotls and chaotic card games, “Axe-A-Lot-L” might be the perfect addition to your collection. With over three weeks left in the campaign, there’s still time to back the project and secure your own copy.