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Corvus Belli Previews Helen of Troy for CodeOne

Corvus Belli Previews Helen of Troy for CodeOne

The Operation Blackwind pre-release continues. Those that sign up for it can get some free limited edition minis. One of which is Helen of Troy. Get yourself a look at this exclusive mini this preview and make sure to get your Infinity CodeOne pre-orders in before it’s too late.

From the article:

Even an assault force devoted to action and violence recognizes the value of diplomacy in certain (albeit limited) circumstances. Nonetheless, when it’s necessary to resort to dialogue and negotiation, the Phalanx always prefers to proceed on its own rather than relying on the experts of the Administration for Institutional Image. The negotiators of this OperationS division are renowned for their mellifluous speech, their trickery, and their readiness to agree to “lose the battle but win the war” compromises, which is unthinkable for the aggressive and ruthless warriors of the Phalanx. The men and women of the Assault Subsection always mistrust these OperationS specialists and view them as sly backstabbers. The Phalanx believes when entering negotiations that they should be carried out on its own terms, which naturally also means in its own unique, signature style. The Theoroi, the Phalanx ambassadors, epitomize this certain style, and none more so than Helen of Troy, the most notorious of them all.