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Zombie Doctor & The Classic Horror Expansion Pack Up On Kickstarter

Zombie Doctor & The Classic Horror Expansion Pack Up On Kickstarter

Zombies might be a pretty classic horror monster, but there are plenty of other horrible and terrifying creatures out there. Dracula, the Mummy, the Invisible Man. They’re looking to join in on the fun of Zombie Doctor, and that’s just what you get in the Classic Horror Expansion. Both the main game and the new expansion are up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Zombie Doctor – The Zombie Card Game, was successfully funded on Kickstarter towards the end of 2017. Since then, many of you have had hours of gruesome entertainment; tearing and sticking your friends back together again.

Now we’re proud to offer The Classic Horror Expansion Pack. These are four iconic characters: The Invisible Man, Dracula, The Mummy and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. The designs were inspired by the old books and films.

You can choose to have these retro monsters battle it out amongst themselves, or start a mash-up fight with the modern zombies from the base Zombie Doctor game.

You will need cards from the base game to play the expansion.

We are offering both games in this campaign, as well as FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! The game is light and compact, and we are confident about keeping shipping costs down. We are absorbing the costs to make if fair for all our backers. We have already shipped hundreds of games around the world, so our costings are accurate.

We are aiming to have this delivered in time for Halloween!

The campaign’s about 1/5 of the way to its goal with still 28 days left to go.