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Unique Dice Revolutionizes Game Play with Omni Dice: The World’s First 12-in-1 D6 Dice on Kickstarter

Unique Dice Revolutionizes Game Play with Omni Dice: The World’s First 12-in-1 D6 Dice on Kickstarter

Unique Dice has launched the world’s first 12-in-1 D6 dice, Omni Dice, on Kickstarter. This multi-functional dice has already raised an impressive $69,517, far surpassing its initial goal of $5,000. The campaign, backed by 827 supporters, will continue until July 6th.

Omni Dice offers a stunning array of functions all rolled into one compact D6 cube. It combines the functions of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D% into a single, versatile dice. Each side of the Omni Dice is adorned with intricately placed blue turquoise and red agate beads, each bead symbolizing a unique purpose and significance. Despite its complexity, the Omni Dice promises a straightforward and intuitive gaming experience.

The dice encompasses 5D6, D10/D%, 2D20, D4, D8, and D12 functions, providing a total of 12 features in one compact cube. Additionally, Unique Dice offers a classic 7-in-1 version, accommodating D6, D10/D%, D20, D4, D8, and D12.

The creators of Omni Dice have devoted considerable time and energy into ensuring the dice are as fair as possible. The dice are milled to a fine tolerance of +/-0.025mm, allowing the beads to move freely within the cube, ensuring an unbiased outcome on every roll.

Omni Dice is available in an array of seven captivating colors, each meticulously crafted to offer an immersive gaming experience. It is the perfect accessory for tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, board games, card games, and more. The dice’s versatility adapts to any gaming environment, enhancing your gaming experience to an unprecedented level.

Designed as a single unit, Omni Dice takes up minimal space, ensuring convenience and portability. It eliminates the need for multiple dice sets or searching for the right accessory. This compact design consolidates all the functionality you need, making it the perfect companion for your gaming sessions and beyond.

A carefully crafted handmade cover provides a touch of sophistication while offering robust protection for your dice. The keychain design further enhances portability, allowing you to snap it shut, toss it in your bag, and embark on gaming adventures wherever you go.