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Torchlight Brigade Pre-Order Now Available for Infinity Fans

Torchlight Brigade Pre-Order Now Available for Infinity Fans

The official Infinity website recently announced an exciting development for its player community: the introduction of a new sectorial army known as the Torchlight Brigade. This announcement coincides with Adepticon, marking a tradition by Corvus Belli to launch new Action Packs that facilitate the start of sectorial armies in the game. The Torchlight Brigade represents a significant addition to the O-12 faction, bringing a second sectorial army to its ranks.

Pre-orders for the Torchlight Brigade and associated products will be open from March 4th to March 24th, available through the official online store or at selected local wargame stores. The Torchlight Brigade project, initially dormant and funded through reserved resources, combines elite members from Bureau Aegis and Bureau Noir. These agents are tasked with bringing order and security to new human colonies in remote and chaotic regions of the galaxy.

The main highlight of this release is the O-12 Torchlight Brigade Action Pack, which includes 9 miniatures. This set features a mix of metal and one injected thermoplastic miniature, offering a variety of units such as the Strider with Submachine Gun, Nimrod with AP Marksman Rifle, and the Silverstar Prime with HMG, the latter being in injected thermoplastic.

Alongside the Torchlight Brigade Action Pack, the Reinforcements: O-12 Pack Alpha is also introduced, comprising 6 miniatures that form the Gladius Teams. These units are designed for rapid deployment and tactical intervention, providing a versatile addition to the O-12 forces.

An exclusive pre-order offer includes the Bounty Hunter Event Exclusive Edition miniature, available only during the pre-order window. This exclusive miniature adds a unique character to the game, known for their tracking and marksmanship abilities.

Furthermore, a special bundle offer is available for those who purchase the O-12 Torchlight Brigade Action Pack along with the Reinforcements: O-12 Pack Alpha. This bundle includes the exclusive Bounty Hunter miniature for free, offering savings to players.