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Thursday Terrain Corner

Comin' down the mountaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! *guitar, guitar, guitar*
Seeing as that's what Ray and I were just talking about that, and we are sliding down the mountain towards the weekend. Because segue!
Mountains can also be used as terrain for your minis games.
Because another segue!
Add those all up and we've got Thursday's Terrain Corner.

Today's stories are: Front Arc announces playmat by Deep-Cut Studio for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, New Tablescapes Tiles Options From Secret Weapon, and Mantic Adds Terrain to Warzone Kickstarter.

Front Arc announces playmat by Deep-Cut Studio for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign

Game Mat

Front Arc announced their successful cooperation with Deep-Cut Studio:
Marvelous 6’x4? playmat by Deep-Cut Studio made specially for Front Arc's upcoming Kickstarter campaign.
This gorgeous 15mm scale cobblestone mat with some grassland on one side will be perfect for playing any city assault or city battles.

This playmat will be first stretchgoal in Front Arc's Kickstarter campaign and if you help them to reach it – it will become available as a free reward!

New Tablescapes Tiles Options From Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon is pleased to announce several new options for our Tablescapes Tiles range, including four tile Display Boards in each theme, sixteen tile sets for 4x4' game play, and eight tile Expansion Sets for gamers that want to mix-and-match their themes. All of these sets, and the original twenty-four tile 4x6' table sets are in stock, and shipping now!

Mantic Adds Terrain to Warzone Kickstarter

Terrain Add-Ons

We think scenery is really important to a great gaming experience, which is why we created the Battlezone scenery range.

Battlezones is a range of modular plastic terrain tiles that clip together to create awesome scenery for your wargames table.

With Battlezones, you can build everything from small watch towers and defence lines, to big fortifications and futuristic cityscapes.

We've introduced the Battlezones scenery to the Warpath Kickstarter, and whether you are interested in playing this game or any other sci-fi wargame, you can now get affordable plastic terrain for your gaming table.

This can be done through the two new scenery-only pledge levels:

- $140 - One-Click Urban Battlefield Densely cover a 4’x4’ gaming area in heavy terrain or lightly cover a 6’x4’ gaming table with cover. Choose any 4 Battlezones from the add-ons and get 4 accessory sprues and 4 expansion sprues free.

- $280 - One-click Urban Wargames Table Cover a 6’x4’ gaming table in scenery. Choose any 8 Battlezones from the add-ons and get 8 accessory sprues and 8 expansion sprues free.

Go to the Kickstarter page to find out more!