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Thursday Terrain Corner

It must be a Thursday. I never could get a handle on Thursdays.
Actually, I'm navigating the day just fine so far. I just like quoting Hitchhiker when I can.
And seeing as it is, indeed, Thursday, it's time again for a Terrain Corner.

In today's installment we have: Amera Plastic Mouldings New Pyramid for 28mm figures, Dungeon Forge - In My Pocket Up On Kickstarter, and New Stretch Goals for Integrated Wargame Buildings Kickstarter.

Amera Plastic Mouldings New Pyramid for 28mm figures

A new addition to Amera Plastic Mouldings Fantasy Realms range for 28mm figures, this is a pyramid ideal for ancient or futuristic gaming.

The sturdy pyramid is designed to display figures on it's own, or for wargaming. Each terrace is H3cm x W3cm width and the top platform measures 15cm squared

**Turn the model upside down and you have an alternative use-as a gladiatorial arena!**

Dimensions: at base L36cm x W32cm x H9cm


Dungeon Forge - In My Pocket Up On Kickstarter

You can fight a battle like your usual gaming table thanks to its great content.
All characters and creatures including a wide range of scenery and a complete modular dungeon are small enough to keep everything in a small box pocket.
The base of each miniature like the tiles of the modular measuring 1cm x 1cm dungeon.
The material of all components is of high quality resin and all models and scenery will be in one piece and does not need installation.
Heroes go red, the white undead, orcs and goblins green and the rest of miniatures and scenery in gray.
As for the measures, the Dwarf miniature measuring 15mm and the other figures are lower or higher depending on their race.

New Stretch Goals for Integrated Wargame Buildings Kickstarter


These small spot lights can rotate 360 degree and about 90 degree up and down. They measure 45 x 50 x 55mm.

Red, Green, White, Blue or RBG colour change.

These are not available as a building choice in a bundle pledge.

Requires 2x CR2032 these are provided for UK backers, i cannot send the batteries to international backers.