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Thrown Under the Bus: The Lighthearted Game of Office Politics Now on Kickstarter

Thrown Under the Bus: The Lighthearted Game of Office Politics Now on Kickstarter

Office politics have never been so fun with the release of Thrown Under the Bus on Kickstarter. The lighthearted and easy-to-learn game is designed for 2-6 players, ages 14 and above, and takes 30-60 minutes to determine who will be the next Senior VP.

Based on the expression “Thrown Under the Bus,” the game is all about blaming, criticizing, or reporting on a coworker to a superior in order to advance one’s career while diminishing the status of others. However, don’t let the cutthroat theme fool you, Thrown Under the Bus is a cathartic release at the end of a long week of dealing with your coworkers’ quirks while protecting your station at work.

Players take on the role of Associates, each working in a different department with a unique personality highlighted by their HR profile, quote, and the cards in their matching starting deck. The game’s cards are filled with all-too-familiar office tropes, buzzwords, and classic awkward office situations such as Not Invited to Lunch, Burnt Popcorn, Competing Job Offer, Lunch with the Boss, Drank the Last of the Coffee, Shift Blame, Steal Credit, Buzzword Bingo, and many more classics.

What’s more, director-level and higher backers have the opportunity to replace the silhouettes on the game’s cards with their portrait rendered by the artist of their choosing, making them a permanent part of the game. Additionally, select backers will get to fill in the Associates’ Hire Date and Birthday.

Thrown Under the Bus hits a delicate balance between easy-to-learn rules and unique mechanics while creating a fun thematic experience that keeps players entertained. So, grab a cup of coffee, put on your power suit, and get ready to be Thrown Under the Bus. Head over to the Kickstarter campaign for more information and to support the game.