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The Ultimate Game Master Screen Now Funding on Kickstarter

The Ultimate Game Master Screen Now Funding on Kickstarter

The Ultimate Game Master Screen has made its debut on Kickstarter. This revolutionary product is an outcome of a collaborative venture between Forged Gaming and RealmSmith, which have come together to form The Ultimate Game Master brand. The brand’s inaugural product, The Ultimate Game Master Screen, is a magnetic, portable, and affordable screen system specially designed for tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs).

Boasting several premium features, the screen’s unique design incorporates a rigid metal sheet in each panel, allowing magnets to stick to any surface, inside and out. This diverges from the restrictions of other systems, which only permit magnet placement in specific locations.

Another standout feature of this screen is the Dice Tower Clasp, a magnetic dice tower that also functions as a storage compartment for 15-20 rivet magnets. It can be easily moved to any panel and used for both secret and epic dice rolls, adding a versatile and attractive element to the screen.

To cater to the diverse range of TTRPGs, the Ultimate Game Master Screen also includes a set of blank magnetic tables for transcribing common or homebrew rule sets. The tables are wet/dry erase, providing a reusable resource that isn’t available with other screens. Official rulesets will be available as pre-printed magnets that can be added on during the campaign.

One of the main advantages of the Ultimate Game Master Screen is its portability. Unlike many other screen systems, this screen can be carried anywhere with ease.

Made from polyurethane leather wrapped, glued, and stitched over sheets of metal, the screen measures 98.5cm wide by 30.5cm tall or 38.78″ wide by 12″ tall.

To ensure the screen is customizable, affordable, system-agnostic, portable, magnetic and stylish, feedback was collected from over 1500 Game Masters from various TTRPG gaming systems. The goal is to provide a tool that serves well at the gaming table and allows Game Masters to set-up and rearrange their tools as needed.

Despite its premium nature, the screen is priced affordably. After a year of focusing on sourcing and manufacturing, the screen is now 50-75% more affordable than other premium screens in the market. The core screen, a blank canvas, allows Game Masters to tell their stories. An upgrade pack can be purchased to provide everything needed to run top RPGs or to utilize blank dry/wet erase charts included with the core product for homebrew games.

Emphasis has also been placed on portability, with all accessories easily stored in pouches that stick to the screen when it’s folded. The screen’s style has been described as “bespoke, sexy, luxury.”

With 22 days still to go, the campaign has already amassed over $366,533 from 2,055 backers, surpassing its original goal of $10,000. The campaign is set to end on June 24.