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The Op Games Launches MONOPOLY: IRON MAIDEN Edition

The Op Games Launches MONOPOLY: IRON MAIDEN Edition

Usaopoly (The Op Games) has partnered with Hasbro and iconic heavy metal band Iron Maiden to release a special edition MONOPOLY game that promises to excite fans and tabletop game enthusiasts alike.

The MONOPOLY: Iron Maiden Edition comes at a time when the band is kicking off its highly anticipated FuturePast Tour. The unique piece of tabletop memorabilia allows fans to relive some of the band’s greatest live performances.

Keeping in line with the traditional MONOPOLY rules, players can buy, sell, and trade properties named after classic Iron Maiden albums like ‘The Number of the Beast,’ ‘Brave New World,’ ‘Senjutsu,’ and more. The goal is to bankrupt opponents and be the last player standing with the band’s notorious mascot Eddie adorning the currency.

Eddie also features on the traditional Chance and Community Chest cards, which have been renamed “Feeling Lucky?” and “Open the Box.” Fans and players alike will be entertained with various instances of success and brushes with bad luck, in the true spirit of Iron Maiden.

The game also includes six custom-sculpted pewter tokens, tributes to the band’s records and gear, such as an Albatross, Amp Stack, Flying Helmet, Nicko’s Drum Kit, Wasted Years Computer, and Steve’s Bass.

Rod Smallwood, Manager of Iron Maiden, expressed delight at MONOPOLY getting “the full Eddie treatment.” According to Smallwood, the game embodies the humor and unique history associated with the band, providing fans with an experience they have come to expect from Iron Maiden.

The launch of the Iron Maiden Edition of MONOPOLY coincides with The Future Past Tour 2023, with shows scheduled across Europe until August. The band will bring their celebration of heavy metal to North America in the fall, starting with the Power Trip Festival in Indio, California this October, followed by three shows in western Canada.

Dane Chapin, CEO of The Op, said, “We’re excited to add another prolific license to our line with the launch of MONOPOLY: Iron Maiden Edition and provide fans with a new collectible that merges one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time with Hasbro’s timeless Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game.”

The Iron Maiden Edition of MONOPOLY (MSRP: $44.99) is now available from The Op Games.