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Renegade Game Studios Expands Partnership with Hasbro, Bringing Heroscape Back to the Table

Renegade Game Studios Expands Partnership with Hasbro, Bringing Heroscape Back to the Table

Renegade Game Studios has announced that it is expanding its licensing relationship with global play leader Hasbro to reintroduce the popular tabletop game Heroscape. The move comes in response to overwhelming fan support for the game’s revival.

Heroscape was initially proposed for relaunch in October 2022 via Hasbro Pulse’s crowdfunding platform, HasLab, by Avalon Hill. Now, the partnership aims to bring Heroscape back to the hobby, mass, and specialty markets. Renegade will also work closely with Hasbro Pulse to make the game accessible to a broad audience.

The relaunch will allow fans to relive the classic elements of the game, while also introducing all-new content, including terrain packs, faction boxes, and more. Renegade plans to launch new models in a range of configurations and price points, catering to both new and dedicated Heroscape players.

“Heroscape brought a lot of people into hobby gaming and to this day there is a robust and passionate community; we look forward to growing that community and continuing to offer new and exciting models for gamers to enjoy,” said Scott Gaeta, President and Publisher of Renegade Game Studios. He also mentioned partnering with hobby stores to provide Heroscape and its player community with the best possible home for engaging in battles across Valhalla.

Furthermore, Renegade will offer online community support and organized play, even teasing a future World Championship. Hobby stores can anticipate organized play and point of purchase support at the game’s launch.

Bradley Bowman, Licensing Director of Global Toys & Sporting Goods at Hasbro, stated, “Fans have been clamoring for a revival of Heroscape, and we’ve heard you. We’re tremendously excited to bring back and expand the beloved brand with the Renegade team, who are big fans themselves.” He added that they look forward to offering existing players more ways to enjoy the game and introducing a new generation to Heroscape’s endless imaginative potential.