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Welcome to our Ninja Division news hub. Below you will find the latest news about Ninja Division and the games in their catalogue.

  • Founded: 2009
  • Games: Super Dungeon, Relic Knights.

Latest News:

For some of IDW’s recent projects, they had announced that they were going to be working with Ninja Division. Now, many of you know the troubles that Ninja Division has had lately. In this regard, IDW has decided to update their relationship with the company and let you all know what’s up. From the update: …

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Another day, another new game that’s going to be published in North America by Ninja Division. This time around it’s Crisis: Tokyo from Edge Entertainment. So for any of you retailers or distributors out there who might want to get some copies of this game, you’ll want to go ahead and contact the fine people …

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Ninja Division, who had recently taken over Cipher Studios properties, has announced that they’re going to be discontinuing Anima Tactics. Hell Dorado will also no longer be available through distribution. Also, the Cipher Studios web store will be closing on March 13th, with all online sales to be done through Ninja Division. Source From the …

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