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IDW Updates About Their Partnership with Ninja Division

IDW Updates About Their Partnership with Ninja Division

For some of IDW’s recent projects, they had announced that they were going to be working with Ninja Division. Now, many of you know the troubles that Ninja Division has had lately. In this regard, IDW has decided to update their relationship with the company and let you all know what’s up.

From the update:

Recently, IDW Games has received several queries about its involvement with Ninja Division.

Ninja Division was originally hired to create the six hero miniatures for the Kickstarter exclusive edition of the Wayward board game. At this point, IDW has decided that the best course of action will be to hire a new sculptor or studio and have them create brand new miniatures for this project. Due to this, we’ll be pushing the Wayward campaign back to give us time to arrange a new sculpting team and give them the time they need too create the new miniatures. 

IDW Games had previously announced that Ninja Division would be working on the upcoming Men In Black / Ghostbusters crossover board game. While initial conversations were had about Ninja Division handling the miniatures for this project, IDW ultimately decided not to hire Ninja Division. Instead, IDW contracted independent sculptor Hector “Hec” Moran (Street Fighter The Miniatures Game) to handle the sculpting. Outside of early discussions, which lead to them being mentioned in our press release, Ninja Division was never involved this project.

We’d like to thank the fans for their engagement and excitement about these two projects, and we hope that they’ll be satisfied with the final product and the choices that we have made to deliver the highest quality experience possible.