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Pledge Manager for Dungeon Saga Origins Now Live

Pledge Manager for Dungeon Saga Origins Now Live

Mantic Games, the renowned miniatures and tabletop game publisher, has announced that the Pledge Manager for Dungeon Saga Origins is now live. The game, which is a new entry point for the Dungeon Saga series, is a thrilling dungeon crawler that combines classic fantasy with modern gameplay mechanics.

Kickstarter campaign for the game was a resounding success, allowing the team to add 42 quests, 6 new heroes, an app to streamline solo play and record keeping, and 2 extra big bosses.

The Pledge Manager is open for late pledges, giving gamers the chance to join the adventure and immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and adventure. According to Ronnie, the founder of Mantic Games, the goal of Dungeon Saga Origins is to make the game accessible for all types of gamers, from hardcore players to novices.

In addition to the Pledge Manager, Mantic Games has also added a surprise to the campaign. For just £15, backers can add Dungeon Saga: The Dice Game to their pledge. This stand-alone game is perfect for gamers who want something light and fun to play, especially on evenings when time is hard to find.