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Northern Alliance Storms Into Battle: Pre-orders for New ‘Kings of War’ Update Now Live!

Northern Alliance Storms Into Battle: Pre-orders for New ‘Kings of War’ Update Now Live!

Mantic Game has released a new update for their wildly popular Kings of War series, titled Northern Alliance. Fans and players alike can now pre-order these new releases which include a host of diverse units, from the hallowed Ravens to the rugged Ice Kin Hunters.

The Northern Alliance is primarily composed of clans from the frigid north who have pledged their loyalty to Talannar. These hardy humans hail from a variety of backgrounds: survivors of Varangur raids, refugees of southern wars, or exiles from various realms including Elves, Dwarfs, and others. They share a common commitment to protect their new home, the Alliance, with their dying breaths.

This update introduces new units, including Free Dwarf Raven-masters, who are known to subdue and train the cunning giant mountain ravens of Abkhazla and Halpi, offering players a unique airborne force with stunning hard plastic kits. This unit promises to elevate the excitement and strategy of battles with its ice grenades from above.

The update also brings forward Ice Kin Hunters and Half-Elf Berserker Regiments. More resilient than their southern counterparts, the Ice Kin clothe themselves in thick furs and leathers. The half-elves, often seen as outcasts in other realms, find acceptance and purpose in the Northern Alliance under the understanding leadership of Talannar. These new units are featured in hard plastic sprue kits, offering players versatility and multiple building options.

Mantic Games has also introduced the Northern Alliance Ambush Starter Set, ideal for those eager to delve into the icy world of the Northern Alliance, and the Northern Alliance Mega Army, the most valuable faction set available for seasoned players. Both of these sets include the new hard plastic units along with guides and rules.

For players seeking a balanced option, the Northern Alliance Army has been introduced, featuring Ice Blades and half-elf berserkers, renowned for their mastery in battle.

To further enhance the Northern Alliance, four new heroes are now available, including mages from the Ice Kin who command a distinct form of magic and skalds bearing the responsibility of preserving the memories, knowledge, and history of their clans.

Mantic Games also introduces the Kings of War: Ice and Shadow 2-Player Starter Set, a perfect gateway for new players to immerse themselves in the world of Kings of War, providing the opportunity to participate in the epic battle for Chill against the invading Abyssal Dwarfs and their wicked Nightstalker horrors.

The Northern Alliance update promises a refreshing addition to the Kings of War universe with a rich tapestry of lore, versatile new units, and multiple play options. It is clear that Mantic Games has been hard at work delivering a product that encapsulates the spirit of the game while providing innovative enhancements that are sure to thrill both new and long-time players.