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New Card Game Based on Adventure Is Nigh YouTube Series Launches on Kickstarter

New Card Game Based on Adventure Is Nigh YouTube Series Launches on Kickstarter

SlugFest Games has initiated a Kickstarter campaign for “Adventure Is Nigh – The Card Game,” inspired by the Adventure is Nigh YouTube D&D campaign. The campaign has successfully surpassed its original funding goal, raising over $53,590 from 790 backers against a goal of $20,000, with 18 days remaining until its conclusion on March 30.

Designed for 2-4 players, “Adventure Is Nigh – The Card Game” allows players to take on the roles of characters from the Adventure is Nigh series. The game aims to recreate the essence of post-adventure celebrations at a nightclub, where players can engage in brawling, gambling, and drinking through gameplay. Each character is equipped with their own unique deck, traits, and mechanics, with the objective being the last adventurer standing.

A standout feature of this card game is its compatibility with “The Red Dragon Inn” game engine, enabling players to combine characters from “Adventure Is Nigh” and “The Red Dragon Inn” for a diverse gaming experience. This interoperability offers fans a way to bring together characters from both games, enhancing the variety and replay value.

The game is a result of a collaboration between SlugFest Games and Second Wind, incorporating characters from the Adventure is Nigh series into a card game format. The package is designed to be a complete standalone game, providing all necessary components for play in a single box.

“Adventure Is Nigh!” follows the adventures of characters portrayed by Jack Packard, Yahtzee Croshaw, KC Nwosu, Jesse Galena, and Amy Campbell, who navigate through a fantastical world. The series, known for its humorous and often unpredictable storyline, has concluded its third season and is available for viewing on YouTube.

For those interested in previewing the game, a prototype is available as a free mod on Tabletop Simulator, an online platform for board games. Additionally, the SlugFest Games Discord Channel offers a community space for organizing games and connecting with other players.