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New Anime & JRPG-Inspired Tabletop RPG BREAK!! Takes Players on an Exciting Adventure Through the Dangerous Outer World

New Anime & JRPG-Inspired Tabletop RPG BREAK!! Takes Players on an Exciting Adventure Through the Dangerous Outer World

BREAK!! An exciting tabletop RPG of exploration and teamwork set in the wonderfully dangerous Outer World is coming soon to Kickstarter. Inspired by anime and classic JRPGs, the game is rules-light, packed with flavor, and promises to provide players with a unique fantasy experience.

With gameplay that includes journeying across shattered landscapes, exploring ancient ruins and modern wonders, encountering unusual inhabitants, negotiating or fighting with adversaries, surviving Outer World’s many perils and challenges, crafting items and magic, creating social bonds with friends, and attempting to rise through the adventuring ranks, players will experience the wonder, humor, tragedy, and triumph of adventuring.

The game’s eclectic mix of inspirations, which includes anime, manga, classic role-playing games, and NES era video games, will provide a very different fantasy experience for players. Standard fantasy character options are bolstered by setting-specific species and callings, including Battle Princesses, Bio-Mechanoids, Chibis, and even humans from the modern day sucked into the world of BREAK!!

The game’s simple rules still allow for interesting options in play, allowing players to perform elaborate, collaborative stunts in combat or use battlefield features to their advantage. Players can also charm, intimidate, or talk their way through a challenge using negotiation.

The book will be loaded with diagrams and infographics to make learning, and using, the rules as simple as possible. It will also be punctuated with full-color art to bring the Outer World and its exotic inhabitants to life.

The game is launching on Kickstarter in soon, and a pre-launch page is available for interested parties. With its fast and fun gameplay, easy-to-learn rules, and beautifully illustrated book, BREAK!! is sure to be a hit among tabletop RPG enthusiasts and fans of anime and classic video games alike.



Friday 17th of March 2023

One already exists in print, check out Fabula Ultima if you don't want to wait. Originally published in Italian it's now in English.

Andrea P.

Thursday 13th of April 2023

@Johnny, yeah, great RpG that emulate very well the mechanics often found in console JRpG. Also, very curated layout and art.


Thursday 16th of March 2023

Having mentioned a heavy anime influence, I'm left wondering why you felt it was important to distinguish an RPG by its country of origin...


Sunday 19th of March 2023

@Rebecca, I think “JRPGs” in this instance is a reference to a video game genre (e.g., Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem), which are often (but not necessarily) made in Japan.