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Modiphius Entertainment Unveils Latest Fallout Update

Modiphius Entertainment Unveils Latest Fallout Update

Modiphius Entertainment has delighted Fallout fans once again with its latest update for the popular post-apocalyptic franchise. On this Fallout Friday, the company has introduced exciting new releases, showcased talented community members, and revealed details about the upcoming UK Games Expo.

One of the standout releases is the Domesticated Deathclaw, a creature infamous for its ferocity and deadly nature. Modiphius has taken a unique approach by presenting a mind-controlled version of the Deathclaw, raised by the Enclave to fight its own kind. While some might argue this strategy as a means to combat threats with equal force, the article’s author expresses skepticism about the wisdom of utilizing such a dangerous creature, fearing that it might eventually turn against its handlers.

Another exciting addition is the Brotherhood of Steel: Citadel Command set. Following a previous encounter with the West Coast Brotherhood of Steel, the author happily shares another encounter, this time with the leadership of the Citadel Command. Led by the wise and bearded Elder Lyons, the Citadel Command aims to secure clean drinking water and eradicate the Enclave, embodying a vision of a better Capital Wasteland.

The article also highlights the talented Fallout community members. Overlord DanielKiskery’s vibrant green rendition of Super Mutants catches the eye, while Skayas Painting Cabinet impresses with a collection of Super Mutants, Nightkin, Suiciders, Behemoths, and more. These fan creations demonstrate the passion and creativity within the Fallout community.

Furthermore, Modiphius Entertainment announces its presence at the upcoming UK Games Expo, scheduled from June 2nd to June 4th at the NEC Birmingham. Attendees can expect a stunning Red Rocket Table, a Fallout mini diorama, and exciting new releases. Modiphius Vault members will be available to discuss hobbies, resin crafting, and painting.