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Modiphius Entertainment to Launch Second Edition of Star Trek Adventures RPG

Modiphius Entertainment to Launch Second Edition of Star Trek Adventures RPG

Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. has announced plans to publish a second edition of the award-winning Star Trek™ roleplaying game, Star Trek Adventures. This new edition is set to roll out with a fresh core rulebook, followed by a series of game expansions, later this year.

The publisher maintains a strong licensing relationship with Paramount Consumer Products. This enduring partnership now includes rights to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Prodigy, allowing Modiphius to extend its game material to encompass these series alongside the broader Star Trek franchise.

The launch of the new core rulebook is scheduled for Gen Con 2024, with a starter set release planned for the fall. The core rulebook aims to deepen player immersion by allowing the creation of original characters and starships, enabling players to weave their own Star Trek narratives. Building upon the foundation set by the first edition, the second edition will refine the game’s rules and is designed to be compatible with supplements and expansions from the first edition.

An innovative aspect of the second edition is its inclusive approach to gameplay, offering players the chance to explore stories beyond the confines of Starfleet. This edition will introduce playable characters from well-known species within the Star Trek universe, such as the Klingons and Romulans, among others. Additionally, the inclusion of Strange New Worlds in the license means that the new edition will feature art themed around the series, expanding the visual and narrative scope of the game.

Jim Johnson, project manager, expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the team’s efforts to refine the game’s award-winning ruleset and broaden the character options available to players, emphasizing diversity and inclusivity beyond the Federation.

Modiphius boasts the most supported licensed Star Trek tabletop RPG, with seven years of continuous development offering fans a comprehensive gaming experience. The release of Captain’s Log, a solo-play version of Star Trek Adventures, in 2023, further cemented the game’s popularity, providing an option for players to engage in storytelling solo.