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Modiphius Entertainment to Expand and Develop ‘Five Parsecs From Home’ and ‘Five Leagues From the Borderlands’ Game IPs

Modiphius Entertainment to Expand and Develop ‘Five Parsecs From Home’ and ‘Five Leagues From the Borderlands’ Game IPs

Modiphius Entertainment, the premier tabletop game publisher and developer, has announced its acquisition of the game IPs ‘Five Parsecs From Home’ and ‘Five Leagues From The Borderlands’ from Nordic Weasel Games, headed by Ivan Sorensen. The agreement extends to the original Five Core system, Weasel Tech, and Five Men From Normandy games.

Under the new arrangement, Ivan Sorensen will stay on as lead writer. Modiphius will offer robust support for the development of new products in the game lines, including ‘Five Parsecs: Tactics’ and ‘Five Parsecs: Planetfall’ (working title). These standalone games will allow players to take their ‘Five Parsecs From Home’ crew on expanded adventures set in the same universe.

Rumors are swirling of a new leader within the Unity government and a surge in Unity forces operating along the fringe. The underlying purpose remains unclear. Some speculate it’s an effort to concentrate on the invasions in the border systems by the Soulless or the Swarm. Meanwhile, whispers of an alien-engineered star system discovered in the Greater Deep have circulated, and recruitment for expeditions is underway. The situation has the Precursors on edge.

Modiphius CCO and co-founder Chris Birch expressed his excitement about the acquisition, “Since the retail edition of ‘Five Parsecs From Home’ launched, we’ve been working together on a lot of exciting projects. As a huge fan of solo adventure wargames, supporting Ivan’s vision for the games and helping to expand it beyond the horizon is going to be a lot of fun!”

Ivan Sorensen echoed this enthusiasm, “The response to the Modiphius editions has been overwhelming. The combination of great art and layout has really boosted the game system, and I am super excited to continue creating new exciting adventures.”

The new expansions, ‘Five Parsecs: Tactics’ and ‘Five Parsecs: Planetfall’, promise to expand the ‘Five Parsecs From Home’ universe significantly, offering players a variety of new ways to engage. ‘Five Parsecs: Tactics’ will allow players to command squads of troops and grav tanks on the battlefields of Unified Space and beyond. ‘Five Parsecs: Planetfall’ will offer players a chance to colonize a new world, dealing with hostile intruders, dangerous wildlife, developing new technologies, and building a home base.

In addition to these two expansions, more expansions for ‘Five Parsecs From Home’ are in the pipeline, including ‘Expansion 3’ and ‘Bughunt’, as well as a retail print anthology of the four expansions. Modiphius and Sorensen are also planning to further expand ‘Five Leagues From the Borderlands’, which has already seen significant retail success.

The team has plans for other Five Core games, including a retail edition of ‘Five Men From Normandy’, which will feature new artwork and an eye-catching layout to allow players to venture into the frontlines of WW2 and beyond.